Tim Lincecum can redeem his season with one start – A Bleacher Report Article

Tim Lincecum had the worst season of his career. And yet he could wipe out all of the bad stats with one good start tonight.

As I wrote in Bleacher Report, Lincecum could join a celebrated list of post season heroes whose October glory erased a subpar regular season.

You can read the whole story HERE.

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Why would the Marlins want A-Rod? A Bleacher Report Article

Keith Olbermann wrote on his baseball blog that the Yankees and Marlins are kicking around the idea of a trade. And it makes partial sense because A-Rod and the Yankees are heading for an inevitable messy divorce. But in my latest article for Bleacher Report I ask the question: Even if the Yankees paid most of the contract, why would the Marlins want him? You can read the whole article HERE. Follow sullybaseball on Twitter

A request for people posting the close captioning

 I understand you are doing an important function for the hearing impaired, allowing them to watch television and follow the events on the screen.
But why do you ALWAYS put the closed captioning right over the score?
You know the box with the score, the balls and strikes and outs?
The only time we get to see that information is when Tim McCarver or Joe Buck shuts up. Which of course would be never.
And if we are at a bar or gym or public place, the captioning is on which means nobody knows what the heck the score is, the count or anything!
Put it at the bottom.

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