Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – April 4, 2013

On today’s episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast, podcaster Patrick Beaulieu calls in to talk Blue Jays, Roy Halladay and why he thinks the Royals will have a solid season.

Patrick is the host of The Triple Play Podcast on and talked about how his native Canada is reacting to a possible Blue Jays renaissance.

And with Gio Gonzalez, Clay Buchholz, Jed Lowrie and Gerardo Parra owning baseball last night, they all join the list of previous owners.

 Let’s update the tally.  

Players who owned baseball for the Day 

Clay Buchholz – 1
Madison Bumgarner – 1
Yu Darvish – 1
Jacoby Ellsbury – 1
Carlos Gonzalez – 1
Gio Gonzalez – 1
Bryce Harper – 1
Felix Hernandez – 1
Adam Jones – 1
Clayton Kershaw – 1
Jed Lowrie – 1
Justin Maxwell – 1
Bud Norris – 1
 Gerardo Parra – 1

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – April 4, 2013
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