The Sully – Erin Foley Interviews

 I interviewed comedian Erin Foley at my home. We were supposed to get a podcast recorded in 20 minutes.

We talked for over an hour.

I split our discussion into two different Sully Baseball Daily Podcasts.

The first one, which was first posted on May 13, 2013, discusses our fandom for the Red Sox and Yankees.

The second one, first posted on May 15, 2013, Erin talks about attending the Aaron Boone game while I remembered going to the Bloody Sock game.

Erin is a great comic. Check out her schedule, clips and links at her OFFICIAL SITE.

For the record Clayton Kershaw, Mitch Moreland, Neil Walker and Matt Moore owned baseball on May 14, 2013.

To see the up to date tally of “Who Owns Baseball?,” click HERE.

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