“Who Owns October?” An explanation for the newest “SullyMetric”

 (AP Photo/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Chris Lee)

(AP Photo/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Chris Lee)

The season is over and so ends the tally of my regular season stat “Who Owns Baseball” or WOB. The explanation for that stat can be found HERE.

In a nutshell, I gave credit to a National League pitcher and hitter and an American League pitcher and hitter every night who deserved a special spotlight. Some times it went to obvious recipients. A no hitter or hitting for the cycle was a surefire way to be recognized.

But sometimes a great relief performance or a clutch hit that didn’t shine in the highlights would earn a WOB.

Well now it is October and the stakes are high and a new metric is needed.

I was originally going to call it “Who Owns The Playoffs?” but I am half Italian in my ancestry and could not endorse “WOP.”

A follower of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast named Daryl Spitzer (Twitter handle @yacitus) suggested “Who Owns October?”

Well that clinched it for me.

So it is “Who Owns October?” or “WOO.”

And here is how it works.

Each winning team of a post season game gets a pitcher and a hitter awarded a “WOO.”

The losing teams can get a pitcher and hitter to get 1/2 a “WOO” if they stood out in a losing cause. They will be awarded at MY discretion.

Why do I get that kind of power? Because it is MY stat.

So we will see at the end of the World Series who has piled up enough full or half WOO’s to claim October as their own.

Keep checking in and I will get the tally up to date tonight and update it after every playoff game.

There is no reason to yell WOO! after each game.