Derek Jeter Predictions with Gary Armida



The other day, I recorded a podcast where, well, let’s just say I did not 100% agree with the Yankees decision to pay Derek Jeter $12 million for past services rendered (that were already paid for.)

Essentially I felt that no other team in baseball would offer a 40 year old Jeter a major league contract, let alone a $12 million deal. The Yankees would be better off trying to put together a team looking forward than constantly pining for the past. And frankly if the Yankees best hope to sell tickets and merchandise is to throw a hobbling Derek Jeter out at shortstop, then they may be worse off than I thought..

I covered my thoughts in the November 1st Podcast.

However, my opinion clearly isn’t unanimous.

Gary Armida is a terrific baseball writer. Visit his site and read his work.

We may not always agree, but the purpose of reading a great writer is not confirmation bias. He is a thoughtful, witty and thought provoking writer whose baseball musings are always worth a look.

Now we vehemently disagree about the Derek Jeter signing. His well written defense of it can be read here.

We went back and forth on Twitter today as only two opinionated people who respect each other can do.

He believes his presence will help sell tickets and merchandise and will remain a top 5 offensive shortstop.

I think he will play fewer than 20 games at home and like every 40 year old shortstop in history not named Honus Wagner or Omar Vizquel, he is done.

And then we made our predictions:


So there it is in writing. There is nothing else to go back and forth on. We’ve made our point and our picks.

This is NOT me as a gloating Red Sox fan kicking Jeter when he is down. 40 year olds don’t suddenly regain their greatness and shortstop is a young man’s position.

Gary claims he is NOT a Yankee fan being romantic and that Jeter is going to contribute on the big league level.

Now to see who is right.
If I am right, I want nothing in return… other than Gary to say “You were right, Sully.”

And if Gary is right, I will eat my crow publically and proudly.

Enough of this off season! Let’s start 2014 already!

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