Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – November 3, 2013

Photo: Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY Sports

Today’s episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast is not so much a Sunday Request as it is a Sunday Response.

Andrés du Bouchet is one of the funniest and most talented comedic minds currently breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide on the planet Earth. As an Emmy nominated writer and frequent performer on Conan, his brilliant comedic imagination and performing style can be seen on national TV.

And I had the privilege of seeing him as a sketch performer in the late 1990s and 2000s in venues all around New York.

A big sports fan and a lifelong Mets supporter, Andrés went to Twitter to question the adoration of David Ortiz after the 2013 World Series.

If he were a Yankee fan, I’d chalk it up to sour grapes and remind him that Andy Pettitte was practically deified in September.

But I decided to actually respond, not as a Red Sox fan, but as a baseball observer. Why does David Ortiz and Andy Pettitte get off Scott Free while the likes of A-Rod have to fight for their baseball lives.

My conclusion is that PED’s don’t really enter into the thought process.

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Here is Andrés as seen on TV.

© Atrossity Photography

© Atrossity Photography

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – November 3, 2013

November 3, 2013