Who the hell voted for Armando Benitez? SHOW YOURSELF!



The most hated and least reliable big game reliever I ever saw in my life got a single vote for the Hall of Fame.

A man who Orioles fans hated, but not as much as Giants and they didn’t hate him as much as Met fans, received a vote to sit along side Sandy Koufax and Willie Mays and Mike Schmidt.

I believe whomever voted for him should be brought in front of a senate subcommittee to explain themselves.

The only acceptable reasons would be:

1. It was a joke.
2. They were drunk.
3. Armando Benitez was holding his children hostage.

Any other reason will be invalidated.

If you are that writer, please send me an e mail to info@sullybaseball.com and we can discuss it on my podcast.

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