Angels have the most grotesque Opening Day I’ve ever seen

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels needed to get far into this season avoiding injuries in order to compete.

I am sure they were expecting to at least get through the ceremonial first pitch without injuries.

Don Baylor, one of my favorite players as a kid, breaks his femur and needs to be carried off the field after trying to field Vlad Guerrero’s symbolic first pitch of the season.

So the opening image of the 2014 season for Angels fans is their one time beloved MVP and current hitting coach being carried off the field.

That is grotesque. And as omens go, as bad as any not witnessed by Gregory Peck.

The game itself? The Angels wasted a home run from Mike Trout as the pitching could not hold a lead and the bullpen turned a tight game into a laugher and Seattle won.

Not a good sign either. What is it about home plate in Anaheim? This is the same plate where Kendrys Morales jumped and broke his leg after a walk off homer.

Either way, the Angels are off to about as bad a first game as I can remember. 161 games left to right the ship.

Fox Sports

Fox Sports

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