Has Jim Johnson ever thrown a scoreless inning?

AP Photo/Ben Margot

AP Photo/Ben Margot

When Jim Johnson was the closer for the Baltimore Orioles the last few years, evidently he pitched well in some games.

Hell, he made an All Star Team, got some MVP and Cy Young votes in 2012 and over the last 2 seasons, he combined to save 101 Oriole victories.

His ERA was sub 3.00 and nominally, he was one of the elite relievers in the game.

I have to trust that there is not a conspiracy of sports writers and statisticians. The reason I do is because every time I have seen him pitch over the last few years, he has blown a save or let up a big run.

I honestly don’t remember him saving a game any time I flipped over to the Orioles. I must have seen one, but all I can recall is letting up game tying shots of letting the go ahead run score.

His last 9 appearances in 2012, he got a scoreless save in each game. I must have missed all of those games. All I remember is him coughing up a lead in the playoffs to the Yankees.

Last year, he rung up 50 saves. I must have caught all 9 of his blown saves. Johnson just always seemed to blow it whenever I watched.

So when the A’s, one of my favorite teams now, picked up Jim Johnson in the off season, I screamed bloody murder. I didn’t want him NEAR Oakland. And I heard people talking about how elite a pitcher he is and how he will give depth to the roster blah blah blah.

First game, Johnson enters a 0-0 9th inning game. I’m watching. What happens? He lets up 2 runs and the A’s lose 2-0.

Again, I guess he HAS thrown a scoreless inning or two in his career. I just haven’t seen one yet.

Maybe I should just promise A’s fans that I will turn off the TV every time he pitches. Maybe ME watching him is the problem. It is the only explanation that makes sense.

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