Willie Hernandez and Guillermo Hernandez are the same guy – A Note for KC Announcers



I was listening to the Royals radio broadcast for today’s game against the Tigers.

The announcers Steve Physioc and Denny Matthews did one of the many in game trivia questions that you hear over 9 innings.

With the Tigers dominating the MVP and Cy Young votes recently, the question Denny posed to Phys was “Before Justin Verlander, who was the last Tigers pitcher to win the MVP and Cy Young Award?”

I said to my iPhone “Willie Hernandez.”

Physioc had the same answer.

Denny corrected him. “You have the last name right.”

There was a little confusion and Denny announced the answer. “It was Guillermo Hernandez.”

Long pause. “I think Guillermo Hernandez went by the name Willie in 1984,” Physioc offered.

Denny wasn’t so sure.

Um… yeah. Willie Hernandez won the 1984 MVP and Cy Young as a member of the World Champion Tigers. He might be an obscure player if you are not a big baseball fan. But in essence, baseball announcers are PAID to be baseball fans and remember stuff like that.

How can you be an announcer and not know things like the name of an MVP and Cy Young winner? Especially one who pitched AGAINST the Royals in the 1984 playoffs!

Someone put me in an announcer booth. I can bring humor, knowledge and I can remember the names of Cy Young winners.

I’m just saying.

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