The Sully Baseball Fantasy 300

 Lucas Graciano, Artist

Lucas Graciano, Artist

This is a first for Sully Baseball. I have never attempted this before, but what the heck? Trying out new things can never hurt. Actually new things can hurt horrifically sometimes. But I suppose this will be harmless.

The incomparable Erin Foley, the brilliant comic and host of my favorite sports podcast Sports Without Balls, has enlisted me to help her with her fantasy draft.

While I do not play fantasy baseball (365 baseball podcasts a year will suffice for my on line obsessions) I decided to do my best with my own rankings to help her draft.

There are 12 teams in her league with 24 roster spots on each team.That means 288 players will be drafted.

I am not sure what the Keeper situation is on the roster, but I figured I’d list the 288 players I personally would draft, then Erin’s team would be in good shape. But 288 isn’t a round number. 300 is.

Now keep in mind, there are some players I am just avoiding in my rankings.  BJ Upton (or Melvin Upton or whatever his name is) is done. So is Ryan Howard. I don’t care how far they fall in the draft, I am not touching them with a cattle prod.

The health of Victor Martinez and Jacoby Ellsbury scare me. And Wil Myers and Matt Kemp heading to San Diego feels like down season central.

I am scared of Nelson Cruz NOT playing for a contract and Ryan Braun falling off a cliff.

And the fickleness of who is closing games have me waiting pretty long to pick any relievers. Many top relievers of 2015 will no doubt start the year undrafted.

So this is MY list. Think what you will of it. Numbers have been combined with instinct to create my rankings. So sit back, read over and just begin to hate my list.


1. Mike Trout (Duh.)
2. Clayton Kershaw (Super Duh.)
3. Giancarlo Stanton (Is both the best ever Mike AND Giancarlo Stanton.)
4. Andrew McCutchen (In awe of him.)
5. Miguel Cabrera (especially if you can plop him at 3B)
6. Felix Hernandez (Probably winning the Cy Young.)
7. Carlos Gomez (power and speed… too many strikeouts but an all around player)
8. Robinson Cano (Has improved lineup around him. Still a great hitter. May drive in more runs at 2B)
9. Adrian Beltre (I have a man crush. Putting up those numbers at 3B is worth grabbing him)
10. Chris Sale (If wins are big, he will have run support and a bullpen)
11. Edwin Encarnacion (Toronto might score a thousand runs a week.)
12. Jose Bautistia (I think he homered twice since you read this sentence.)
13. Adam Jones (Gets you good all around numbers and will probably steal more bases)
14. Jose Altuve (He will pile up the hits at 2B)
15. Buster Posey (Inflated because he produces at C)
16. Paul Goldschmidt (only because he is a 1B)
17. Michael Brantley (He’s a whole lot of awesome)
18. Madison Bumgarner (Half of SF wants him in THAT way)
19. Corey Kluber (I am all in.)
20. Anthony Rendon (Hope he doesn’t get hurt… see if he can play 2b AND 3b)
21. Ian Desmond. (Did you know he hits the crap out of the ball and steals 20 a year. You do now.)
22. Josh Donaldson (Now in a hitters park)
23. Stephen Strasburg (Due for a monster year.)
24. Adam Wainwright (All he does is win and log innings.)
25. Zack Greinke (Another man crush. Lots of games in pitchers parks. I am in)
26. Johnny Cueto (Will probably be dealt to a contender.)
27. Jose Reyes (Will score a ton and hit a ton)
28. Yu Darvish (Seems like he is always about to throw a no hitter
29. Jordan Zimmermann (Washington will be huge this year.)
30. George Springer (Power in a band box. Lots of Altuve run chances.)
31. Jon Lester (Not buying the Cubs. Love me some Lester.)
32. Freddie Freeman (Probably won’t be still here… if he is, snag him.)’
33. Yasiel Puig (If people are scared off by his streakiness and playing in Dodger Stadium and is here, get him.)
34. Hanley Ramirez (He makes me nervous. Could be great. Could be hurt. The fact that he can be listed as a SS helps his value.)
35. Troy Tulowitzki (Don’t pick him above here. Brilliant when healthy. He is never healthy.)
36. David Price (Can still bring it. Now with a full season in Detroit)
37. Cole Hamels (Who knows where he is going to play, but is still great.)
38. Kyle Seager (will give you good numbers at 3B if you don’t already have a 3B
39. Jeff Samardzija (Will get run support and a decent bullpen)
40. Jason Kipnis (Will fill in 2B nicely)
41. Brian Dozier (If you need a solid 2B)
42. Carlos Gonzalez (If he is healthy, puts up Videogame numbers)
43. Bryce Harper (Seems like an ass… but might break out)
44. Christian Yelich (Good hitter. About ready to bust loose.)
45. Starling Marte (Had a great finish to the season. Hopefully wasn’t a fluke)
46. Max Scherzer (Call it the unreasonable fear of the big contract. But if he is here at pick 44, then go for it)
47. James Shields (Lots of innings, pitching in pitchers parks. I get it.)
48. Alex Cobb (I may have him low here. I am nervous about his health. Great pitcher for the Rays when healthy.)
49. Gerrit Cole (Might bust out)
50. Jason Heyward (Will probably be here. I am a big fan and I predict a big season in St. Louis.)
51. Alex Gordon (Not great at anything. Good at everything.)
52. Cliff Lee (Might get dealt to a contender. Might rebound. Still damn good.)
53. Kole Calhoun (Angels OF has made Josh Hamilton irrelevant)
54. Matt Holliday (Will be here and offer decent power.)
55. Devin Mesoraco (Do you have a catcher yet? No? Then draft him.)
56. Marcell Ozuna. (Nobody knows him. Is a 20 homer guy in a good line up.)
57. Kolten Wong (Do you have a 2B? No. BOOM! Now you do.)
58. Manny Machado (When healthy a potential MVP. Is almost never healthy. If he is here, swipe him.)
59. Brett Gardner (Hey look at that! A Yankee hitter! Has some pop and can steal bases. Not bad not great. The best hitter on the Yankees.)
60. Adrian Gonzalez (First basemen are easy to get. But he will drive in a bunch for LA)
61. Billy Hamilton (Do you need Stolen Bases? BOOM! Now you have stolen bases!)
62. Hyun-Jin Ryu (Good pitcher. Should be back from injuries.)
63. Homer Bailey (A nice pitcher to have. An unfortunate first name for a pitcher)
64. Mark Trumbo (Great power but has injury issues. If he is still around here, he is worth a chance.)
65. Pablo Sandoval (Could put up huge numbers in Fenway. Probably won’t but will be better than most 3B)
66. Jose Abreu (I am scared of the sophomore slump. If he is here, grab him. He won’t be. Move on.)
67. Salvador Perez (If you still don’t have a catcher, why not?)
68. Josh Harrison (Is he a role player or a batting title contender? Who knows? Worth snagging here.)
69. Leonys Martin (Under the radar Texas player who can steal bases. Might benefit from an improved Rangers team)
70. Chris Archer (Good pitcher on a Rays squad that can pitch)
71. Julio Teheran (Elite pitcher last year for Atlanta. Faded and I am worried)
72. Gregory Polanco (Had some bumps and bruises in his rookie year. If he adjusts he could be a damn steal.)
73. Yan Gomes (A nice catcher if you don’t have one at this point)
74. Zack Wheeler (On paper looks like a great pitcher. Maybe he will pitch well. Who knows?)
75. Jake Arrietta (Good Cubs pitcher. If the Cubs are better, he might be better.)
76. Steve Cishek (Marlins pitcher who had a down year but is super talented. Can rebound.)
77. Jimmy Rollins (Proud veteran getting a change of scenery and a chance at a contract. Good pick if you have no SS here.)
78. Melky Cabrera (If he is on the right PEDs and in that lineup, he will score a bunch of runs.)
79. Jose Fernandez (Draft him and wait for him to come off the DL. You will have added an elite pitcher.)
80. Neil Walker (Do you have a 2B? He has some power and missed time last year for an appendectomy. That won’t happen again.)
81. Craig Kimbrel (OK, draft a reliever. Kimbrel is the best)
82. Joey Votto (If he is still here, could be a steal at 1b. If only he batted lead off.)
83. Prince Fielder (Total chance but if he is healthy and back from neck injury, he could get 40 homers.)
84. Jered Weaver (No longer an ace. Still solid pitcher on a good team.)
85. Doug Fister (Good pitcher on a potentially great Washington team)
86. Mat Latos (Now on Miami, he will pitch 200 innings and pitch them well.)
87. Marcus Stroman (Potential breakout pitcher for Toronto.)
88. Ian Kennedy (Should benefit from an improved San Diego team)
89. Tyson Ross (See Ian Kennedy)
90. Erick Aybar (Reliable SS. Not sexy but won’t stink)
91. Jacob deGrom (Great rookie year for the Mets pitcher. No clue if it was a fluke.)
92. Aroldis Chapman (OK, draft a reliever.)
93. Collin McHugh (Nice pitcher for Houston. His actual value is anyone’s guess.)
94. Yordano Ventura (OK, maybe a little inflated here. But he looked great in October for KC. Maybe he will break out.)
95. Ian Kinsler (Still a solid second baseman. Entering his mid 30’s, which is dangerous.)
96. Justin Morneau (He plays in Coors Field, which is good for any aging former MVP slugger).
97. Brian McCann (Is he done? Maybe not. If you need a Catcher who can get a few Yankee stadium homers, why not?)
98. Jose Quintana (I dig the White Sox this year. Quintana should do well.)
99. Dallas Keuchel (Another Houston pitcher I like.)
100. Ben Revere (Will hit a little and steal a few bases. At this point, you aren’t going to find an MVP)
101. Jean Segura (Good player who went through a tragedy last year. I smell rebound.)
102. David Ortiz (Like you will draft him. If he fell this far, grab his RBI.)
103. Greg Holland (Will pile up the saves for KC… I think)
104. Henderson Alvarez (Might be overrating him, but I like his arm and he did well in Miami)
105. Russell Martin (Should have a good bat in Toronto)
106. Alex Wood (Had a better year pitching in Atlanta than most people know. Should do well again)
107. Lorenzo Cain (Owned the post season. Might have a solid year.)
108. Wade Davis (Not a fan of drafting relievers… but he’s pretty good.)
109. Yasmani Grandal (Might be a decent catcher to pick up at this point.)
110. Travis d’Arnaud (Call me crazy, but I think he will have a solid year.)
111. Martin Prado (Not a great player but he can be slotted into 3 or 4 positions, which always helps.)
112. Drew Storen (If you need saves, he should pile them up for the Nationals)
113. Elvis Andrus (With injuries in the Texas INF, he will get some at bats back.)
114. Danny Santana (Twins talented SS and OF who steals bases. Not bad to have on your bench)
115. Nolan Arenando (Slugging 3B in Coors are your friends)
116. Nick Castellanos (Young and talented and will get some playing time and some hits.)
117. Brandon Belt (Will have Posey batting behind him. Will see good pitches.)
118. Dellin Betances (Will step into the Yankee closer role. Will he have many games to save?)
119. Ben Zobrist (Good player who can fill in 3 different positions)
120. Justin Verlander (Had a crap season. Will probably bounce back. )
121. Jake Odorizzi (I like Tampa’s pitching. So sue me.)
122. Alex Rios (Not a great player but should steal bases and score runs.)
123. Yadier Molina (Only a thumb injury has him this low. A nice steal if you grab him here and he stays healthy.)
124. Adam Eaton (Will be helped by improved White Sox lineup)
125. Anthony Rizzo (Call it a hunch, but I think the Cubs 1B will regress. He won’t be here)
126. Kris Bryant (Hopefully will turn the Cubs around.)
127. Joc Pederson (Could be the Dodgers rookie star. Will be given a chance.)
128. Mashahiro Tanaka (Great pitcher. Will put up good numbers until his elbow inevitably explodes.)
129. Danny Duffy (Looked good with the Royals. Might continue to produce.)
130. Andrew Cashner (Not buying him. But if he is still here, why not? Pitching in San Diego helps)
131. Chase Headley (If you don’t have a 3B, he should do well at Yankee Stadium.)
132. Steven Souza (Might get some at bats in the Trop. Has pop and speed.)
133. Khris Davis (A little bit of pop. Can do worse.)
134. Jonathon Niese (Steady innings eater. Put him in the rotation and go to sleep.)
135. Jarred Cosart (Decent pitcher who should do well in Miami)
136. Wily Peralta (Had a good solid breakout year with Milwaukee. Good rotation man if he continues to pitch well.)
137. Gio Gonzalez (Solid when healthy. Good peripheral numbers for the Washington pitcher.)
138. Lance Lynn (Cardinals starter. Put him in the rotation. Get 200 good innings. Relax.)
139. Avisail Garcia (Another with a ton of potential. Lightning in a bottle time.)
140. Angel Pagan (Critical player for the Giants. Need him to come back, hit and steal bases)
141. Mike Leake (Classic not bad not great pitcher. Reds will probably deal him.)
142. Drew Hutchinson (Will probably put up a bunch of starts for the Blue Jays)
143. Sonny Gray (Pitched well for Oakland. Nervous that he can keep it going.)
144. Dalton Pompey (Nice OF prospect with Toronto)
145. Anibal Sanchez (One of these years he is going to flop. Maybe not this year.)
146. Mike Moustakas (Became a hero in the playoffs after a bad regular season. Could figure it out at 3B)
147. Nori Aoki (Will probably steal a bunch of bases in San Francisco. OF off the bench)
148. Jesse Hahn (Talented pitcher who is going to Oakland and should fare well)
149. Mark Melancon (A good reliever for the Pirates. But will he still be getting the saves?)
150. Marlon Byrd (Need homers? Byrd will hit them. Will also be eventually dealt to a contender from the Reds who don’t need veteran OFs)
151. Hisashi Iwakuma (Pitched great for the Mariners last year. Faded big time down the stretch. Red flag.)
152. Danny Salazar (Showed some ability with the Indians in the rotation. Might be worth a flier.)
153. Michael Wacha (Cardinals playoff hero in 2013. Playoff goat in 2014. May come back from injury.)
154. Marco Gonzales (Like Wacha before him, Gonzales is a St. Louis pitching prospect with big upside)
155. Rusney Castillo (Red Sox Cuban prospect. You have no damn clue what he is going to do.)
156. Josh Collmenter (Not a great pitcher but could eat some innings in Arizona)
157. Brandon Crawford (The Giants SS will drive in runs and not be a liability. Not a bad backup on your roster.)
158. Dexter Fowler (Could blossom in Wrigley Field as an OF for Joe Maddon released from purgatory in Houston.)
159. Austin Jackson (Seattle outfielder has some power and speed and should score)
160. Evan Gattis (The catcher could be great. Or he could be hurt. Try to steal him. If not, move on.)
161. Jorge Soler (Cubs OF has insane power. Will be do it full time?)
162. Colby Rasmus (One time big time prospect. Now a source of cheap homers off the bench in OF)
163. Trevor Bauer (Like Rasmus, Bauer is a perpetual prospect. BUT could pitch well)
164. Jonathan Schoop (Has some power and can be an INF off the bench.)
165. Taijuan Walker (Perpetual Prospect. If he puts it together, you stole him.)
166. Rick Porcello (Who knows how he will pitch in Boston? He will at least get some wins.)
167. Drew Stubbs (Will take advantage of Coors for HRs and get some stolen bases. Reserve OF)
168. Matt Harvey (I love the Mets main man, but will you be the same pitcher coming back? Steal him here. Otherwise wait and see.)
169. Jeff Locke (The Pirates pitcher will give 30 OK starts. In 2013 he was an All Star. Could he rebound?)
170. Chris Tillman (Pitched well in the second half for Baltimore. Might put it together)
171. Kennys Vargas (Power potential from the future of the Twins.)
172. Mark Buehrle (Doesn’t offer much more than innings. But that could be helpful.)
173. Brett Lawrie (The Oakland INF isn’t great but can do the job at 2B and 3B)
174. DJ LeMahieu (It is always smart to populate your bench with players who call Coors Field home. Need a 2B with some inflated numbers? He can help.)
175. Yusmeiro Petit (Kicked ass in the post season. Will probably be in the rotation. Can be a SP and a RP)
176. Dee Gordon (Need INF depth and stolen bases? Then Gordon will supply them from Miami.)
177. Yovani Gallardo (If he pitches well in Texas, could benefit from nice run support.)
178. Seth Smith (Will be driven in a bunch in Seattle provided he gets on base. He will. Good bench OF)
179. Scott Kazmir (Had another good season. Probably won’t have 3 in a row.)
180. Shelby Miller (Will the underachieving pitcher from St. Louis do well in Atlanta?)
181. Derek Holland (Rangers pitcher is coming back from injury and could be a comeback candidate.)
182. Wilson Ramos (Still need depth at catcher? If Ramos is still here, then take him.)
183. Nathan Eovaldi (Talented pitcher who will get 30 starts for the Yankees but not much run support.)
184. Carlos Martinez (One of these years, the St. Louis pitcher will put it all together. Maybe this year.)
185. Carl Crawford (Could breakdown but could also steal a bunch of bases for LA)
186. Clay Buchholz (The Red Sox starter is either terrific or God Awful. This late, is worth a chance.)
187. Albert Pujols (If healthy, he is still Albert. I smell an injury this year.)
188. Dustin Pedroia (I love Dustin, but the decline has begun.)
189. Bud Norris (Decent pitcher for the Orioles. Could be a steal this low.)
190. Huston Street (Will get saves for the Angels. But Veteran closers are risky.)
191. David Robertson (Now the White Sox closer, he will be getting some saves)
192. Drew Pomeranz (The A’s lefty can be listed as a starter or a reliever and will get a chance in the rotation this year.)
193. Hector Rondon (Could be a cheap source of saves as he closes out games for the Cubs
194. James Paxton (Another big upside arm for the Mariners. Could bust out. Low risk this deep.)
195. Xander Bogaerts (The Red Sox SS is talented and had a crap year. Low risk this deep in draft to take a shot.)
196. Bobby Parnell (Another source of saves, he will get them for the Mets.)
197. Odrisamer Despaigne (Showed flashes of brilliance in the Padres rotation.)
198. Javier Baez (Could be a star for the Cubs or another bust. Can fill in a few positions)
199. Mookie Betts (Who knows if he has a spot in Boston’s order. If he does he will score)
200. Justin Upton (OK fine, if Upton is here, go ahead and draft him.)

201. Nelson Cruz. (No way he will ever end up this low. If he does, go ahead.)
202. Matt Moore. (An ace if healthy. If he is this deep, grab the Tampa pitcher.)
203. Shane Victorino (Will start the year in right field for Boston. Probably won’t end the season there.)
204. Yoan Moncada (Who knows what he will be? But might as well draft him.)
205. Tim Lincecum (The best thing going for The Freak? It is a contract year.)
206. Matt Cain (Coming back from an awful injury, he could bounce back or be nothing at all.)
207. Ryan Braun (Should be writing a thank you note to Alex Rodriguez. I think Braun.)
208. Corey Dickerson (Will he replicate his wonderful season for Colorado? Not likely. But worth this slot.)
209. Jacoby Ellsbury (When healthy, he is an MVP candidate. Do you really think he will be healthy?)
210. Carlos Beltran. (Maybe he has one more gasp.)
211. Mike Zunino (Seattle’s catcher has some pop. Little else.)
212. Joe Mauer (Scared that he might be falling off a cliff.)
213. Brandon Phillips (Pretty sure he has fallen off the cliff.
214. Jurickson Profar. (Super talented and coming off of massive injuries, trying to play 2B for Texas.)
215. Alex Guerrero. (May never be the star INF the Dodgers want. Could also be stolen this deep if he emerges.)
216. Chris Davis (Try to avoid sluggers AFTER they get suspended for PEDs)
217. Oswaldo Arcia (You don’t know him. He has a ton of talent and could get playing time in Minnesota.)
218. Aramis Ramirez (There is a real possibility that he is done.)
219. Joey Gallo (Good power prospect INF for Texas.)
220. Chris Johnson (Starting 3B at Atlanta, for now. Will be moved.)
221. Derek Norris. (A year removed from an All Star berth, I wonder about his arm and his bat.)
222. Alexi Amarista (Can play 4 positions for the Padres. That’s at least something.)
223. Tyler Clippard (Will pick up saves for the A’s until Doolittle returns)
224. Sean Doolittle (Hopefully the shoulder injury is not a permanent set back.
225. Chris Owings (Might get a chance to start at SS for Arizona.)
226. Brad Miller (Could be Mariners starting SS or a role player. Potential bargain or wasted pick.)
227. Hunter Pence (OK fine. Draft him. But I warned you….)
228. Rajai Davis (Can be some steals off the bench in the Tigers OF.)
229. Allen Craig. (He was a solid hitter not too long ago. He is hoping to bounce back.)
230. R. A. Dickey (Toronto’s lovable knuckleballer will eat up innings. But will he be effective?)
231. Jarrod Saltalamacchia (Could provide a little power off the bench as catcher.)
232. Rickie Weeks (Could be his last year. Will try 2B in Seattle.)
233. Casey McGehee (Probably won’t make Giants forget Sandoval at 3B)
234. Didi Gregorius (Replacing Jeter at SS won’t be easy.)
235. Jose Iglesias (Horrible injuries derailed his 2014. Is known for his glove as Detroit’s SS, not his bat.)
236. Coco Crisp. (The A’s CF will steal a ton of bases but will eventually slow down.)
237. Randal Grichuk (Could see some time in the St. Louis OF)
238. Brandon McCarthy (Effective when healthy and pitching in LA, he needs to stay off the DL)
239. CC Sabathia. (A great career at a crossroads. The Yankees ace could be done or reinvented.)
240. Scott Feldman (Had a better year as a starter in Houston than I remembered.)
241. Tyler Flowers (The White Sox catcher can get a hold of one from time to time.)
242. Yangervis Solarte (Played second and third adequately. Strictly depth for San Diego.)
243. Cody Asche (Phillies 3B by default. Has some pop. Little else.)
244. Luis Valbuena. (The better option for the Astros at 3B)
245. Jason Hammel (Back in the Cubs rotation after a rough stint in Oakland.)
246. Kyle Lohse. (Still pitching. Eventually will breakdown. Maybe it will be this year.)
247. Jeremy Guthrie (Started in the World Series for KC. Might be worth a look.)
248. Tom Koehler (Had a solid 2014 as a Marlins pitcher. His role is undefined for 2015.)
249. Koji Uehara (The 2013 bullpen hero faded fast for the Red Sox. Will get saves for Boston. But not a long term solution.)
250. T. J. House (Surprisingly effective pitcher for the 2014 Indians.)
251. Chris Iannetta (Has surprisingly high On Base Percentage for a catcher.)
252. Mike Aviles (Can play 3 positions and steal a base. Gives Cleveland depth.)
253. Jonathan Papelbon (He will close games somewhere… unless everything falls apart.)
254. A. J. Burnett (Still pitching and back with Pittsburgh, he could surprise.)
255. Tim Hudson (Surprised Giants with a good first half. He is on borrowed time.)
256. Joe Kelly (In 2013 was an effective young St. Louis pitcher. Now an afterthought in Boston.)
257. Michael Pineda (What are the chances he stays healthy all year?)
258. Chris Young (Overachieved for the Mariners in their rotation last year. Potential regression.)
259. Shane Greene (Pitched well for the Yankees last year. Now in Detroit.)
260. Everth Cabrera (Will give Baltimore infield depth. )
261. Alex Avila (A few years removed from being an elite catcher. No longer is but starts for Detroit.)
262. Juan Uribe (The same guy who played for the White Sox and Giants is still playing for the Dodgers at 3B)
263. Eric Young Jr. (Braves OF can steal bases. Could be a bench player.)
264. Wei-Yin Chen (The peripherals are scary. He still wins games for the Orioles. Disaster could be around the corner.)
265. Jeremy Kellickson (Once a bright pitching star with Tampa Bay. He will try to catch on with Arizona.)
266. David Phelps (Surprisingly pitched well for Yankees last year. Now in Miami.)
267. Rubby De La Rosa (The former Red Sox reliever could make the Diamondacks rotation or bullpen.)
268. Mike Napoli (The bearded slugging first baseman is still in Boston. But for how long?)
269. James Loney (Tampa 1B is great one year, lousy the next. Nice depth available here.)
270. J. J. Hardy. (Could have one last power year or could be done at SS)
271. Christian Vazquez (Had a good rookie year for Boston but is NOT the catcher for their future.)
272. Stephen Drew (Will play 2B and SS for the Yankees. Won’t hit at either spot.)
273. Chris Taylor. (Also competing for the starting Mariners SS job)
274. Jarrod Dyson (If the KC OF could get on base, he could steal 100 bases.)
275. Francisco Liriano (No middle ground for the Pirates left hander. Either he is great or horrible.)
276. Ubaldo Jimenez (The Baltimore right hander is still the best Ubaldo in baseball history.)
277. Aaron Harang (Could pitch well in Phiadelphia or maybe not. No risk here.)
278. Gavin Floyd (If he is recovered from injuries, he might be an effective starter for Cleveland.)
279. Felix Doubront (A long shot for the Cubs rotation.)
280. Fernando Rodney (Closers like Rodney are either great or horrific. Pick late and take a chance.)
281. Kurt Suzuki (Catching instead of Joe Mauer for the Twins.)
282. Danny Espinsosa (Nationals 2B whose stock is plummeting.)
283. Freddy Galvis (Will get playing time at SS for the Phillies after the Rollins trade.)
284. Andrew Romine (Will start at SS for Detroit if Iglesias is still hurt.)
285. John Danks. (He will log innings in the White Sox rotation but not put up eye popping numbers.)
286. Michael Morse (Cashed in his Giants ring for a starting 1B job in Miami.)
287. Jose Ramirez (Will get at bats as the starting Indians shortstop.)
288. Jose Peraza (The Braves SS of the future, if not the present.)
289. Wilmer Flores (The Mets starting SS, for whatever that is worth.)
290. Francisco Cervelli (Will start most games at C for Pittsburgh)
291. Alexi Casilla (You never know what will happen when an INF goes to Tampa.)
292. Mark Teixeira (At this point, there is no harm.)
293. Mike Olt (Once a top prospect, now a low average 3B for the Cubs with double digit power.)
294. Michael Choice (Talented but a long shot to win a spot in the Rangers OF)
295. Bartolo Colon (What is more fun than a fat pitcher throwing 200 innings?)
296. C. J. Wilson (I fear for this season as the Head and Shoulder’s pitch man may have a bad one.)
297. Ryan Vogelsong (Returns to the Giants rotation for one last go round.)
298. Nick Ahmed (Could get playing time at SS for Arizona.)
299. Hank Conger (Will get starts at C for the Astros.)
300. Alex Rodriguez (Come on. You know you want to.)


So we will use that as our draft template and see how Erin does during the season.

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