A New Look at Sully Baseball Through Washington State University


There are changes afoot at Sully Baseball.

Since 2006, I have been posting my writing, videos and podcasts on this site and the previous incarnation at Blogspot.com.  My love, or obsession, with baseball has turned this into my great creative outlet and has helped get me attention from some pretty big media sites. Deadspin, Yahoo Sports and NBC Sports, among others have taken note of all things Sully Baseball.

While I have been consistent in terms of creating content, I have lacked organization and sometimes focus. My writings for Hardball Times, Bleacher Report, The Scoop, Gotham Baseball Digest and USA Today have been scattered all across the internet. The videos are on one site. The podcast exists on several others. This site could hardly be called a coherent portfolio but rather a cluttered collection of posts and thoughts.

That is about to change this summer.

As I work towards a Masters degree in Strategic Communication at Washington State University, I will use my course in Multimedia Content Creation to help transform Sully Baseball. Step by step, I will be creating new professional looking content. There will be visual pieces, video creations, interviews, interactive posts and a less chaotic layout.

The tone of what I will be creating will not change. I am still going to pick apart the game in a humorous manner. The podcast will still be posted daily. I will still not understand how the All Star Game is in the middle of the season, not the start. I will still rip managers for strategy. I will still make bizarre comparisons, like equating Dennis Eckersley and Ben Affleck.

But the presentation will be slicker, more creative and help evolve the direction of the site. I am hoping to not only earn my Masters, but also move me and my years of content creation forward professionally. Over the next few months, Sully Baseball will become a hub for media sites and sponsors to find my creativity in all its forms.

So keep visiting the site, watch it evolve, check out the many new features over the summer and go WSU Cougars.

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – May 18, 2015


Dodger Stadium is not the easiest ballpark to get to. I travel from my driveway to my seat and see some of the pitfalls.

It is a come late leave early Episode 934 of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Shelby Miller, Brandon Belt, James Loney, James Paxton, Justin Upton, Billy Burns, Mark Buehrle and Kyle Kendrick all added to their totals for Who Owns Baseball?


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