The Wandering A’s – A WSU Multimedia Content Creation – REVISION


My revisions for┬áthe Wandering A’s image project featured my making a few large sweeping changes and a few more subtle ones as well.

To review, the image, which illustrates a favorite writing and podcast topic of mine, represents the strange and sometimes chaotic history of the Athletics baseball franchise. Over their much maligned and seldom filled stadium would be the reminders of the places where they have played, the cities they have threatened to move to, their desired home of San Jose and hints of their history.

I also created a title and curved it to counter the curve of the upper deck of the stadium below. A vintage postcard of San Jose, a public domain image of the old Kansas City stadium, the Kansas City logo and a photo of the 1911 World Champion Philadelphia Athletics illustrated their past. Green flags representing Philadelphia, Kansas City and Oakland showed their actual home. Blue flags represented the proposed moves to Louisville, Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, San Diego, Seattle, Fremont and San Jose.

The primary criticism I received, and I noted myself, was the map image cluttered everything above the stadium. Instead of the ghostly reminder I was hoping for, I got a messy and difficult to decipher collage with varying opacity to the pics.

One suggestion I received was to use an outline map of the United States that would overlay like a constellation chart. I found a transparent one in a fair use Clip Art site and replaced the vintage map.

I positioned it in the sky and did a slight distortion to the shape to fit it in the space between the top of the frame and the upper bowl of the stadium. Then I moved the flags into position and put them at full opacity. At one point, I tried red flags, but I preferred the effect of the blue flags. They may blend in with the sky, but thematically that is fine. Those flags represented the moves that did not wind up happening so they should be a little less defined.

I added a new piece of art. The elephant has been the Athletics symbol since the 1900’s. The image used was from the 1913 World Series and is in the public domain. I decreased the opacity.

I then took the photos of the postcard, the stadium and the team picture, inverted them and used the feathering technique to soften the edges and give it more of a cloud like, less defined border.

One final adjustment with the colors on the curve allowed for a richer blow background in the sky and a darker green in the stadium below.

And with that, my collage revision is done.