Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – Updated Logo


So I made a few adjustments from the previous version of the new logo.

First thing was first, I needed better stitches on the baseball. Easier said than done. I followed a few tutorials of how to make a stitch but in the end, I got lost and they looked worse.

After some trial and error, I made a proper bend that looked close enough. I made the outline red. Then I dragged the “stitch” to the brush function. I set the stitch to be a pattern in the brush. Then using the pen function, I created a curve and filled it in with the brush pattern. The “stitches” fell into a curved pattern as I wanted to. I adjusted the anchors to keep the stitches inside the ball outline (which I reduced slightly.)

Then I copied the curve brush and rotated it 180 degrees. I placed it on the other side of the ball to give it the baseball look.

Then I used Franklin Gothic font italics for “Baseball” “Daily” and “Podcast.” Initially I put all the words on the baseball, but it became too cluttered.

I dropped “Daily Podcast” to underneath the ball leaving baseball, appropriately enough, on the baseball. I gave each words a red outline.

For “Sully” I tried many fonts for a baseball feel. Magneto Bold worked best. Originally I put a big “swoosh” underneath it, but once again it made the logo too busy and cluttered so I left the letters alone.

Making “Sully” larger and with a red outline, I centered it on the baseball and finished this draft of my new logo.