Audition Tutorial Professional Multimedia Content Creation – WSU COM 561

In this Tutorial, I first recorded myself counting from 1 to 10 in a random order. I uploaded that soundfile to Adobe Audition. I cut each number into a separate piece and put them in proper numerical order.

Taking a music piece supplied by the tutorial, I gave the counting a score. Using the diamond tools on the volume for the music, I adjusted the sound so the music did not overwhelm the counting. Using the fade tool, I had the music fade up and fade out.

Beginning and endings of the music were cropped to fit the counting. The edited sound as well as the raw sound of me counting were exported as MP3 files and uploaded to Soundcloud.

Here is the original sound file of my counting numbers out of order.

Here is the finished Adobe Audition Tutorial

The Link to the Original File

The Link to the Finished Tuturial