Final Video Story – A’s Stuck

For my final video story for COM 561: Professional Multimedia Content Creation, I made many changes from my original draft.

I wanted to tell the story about the Oakland A’s current stadium issue and the strange reasons why they can not move to San Jose even though they want to, San Jose wants them to and there is money to build a park. Many people ask here in the Bay Area “Why can’t they just move to San Jose?”

I decided to make a video that would answer that question.

I first wrote out exactly what I was going to say and then carved up the script. I wanted to say the script piece by piece all over the Bay Area in front of the relevant locations: San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Fremont.

I would be speaking into camera and saying the relevant sections. Seeing I did not have a camera operator to lug around the Bay Area with me, I did the video selfie style. That has its limitations and the shots were shakier than I would have hoped.

I cut the piece together, adding a few titles with Adobe Premiere.

At the suggestion of some of my classmates, I made clearer maps showing the breakdown of the territorial rights using Photoshop and maps from Microsoft Maps. (The remaining photograph in the piece of AT&T Park was taken by me.)

I also shot new footage of me in front of the remains of Candlestick Park. This gave the narration more of a common sound, albeit kind of windy.

I also trimmed the video to just under 3 minutes. This meant cutting a quick shot at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara and a few lines here and there.

Mixed down, I uploaded the video to YouTube and published here on WordPress.

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