Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – January 1, 2016


Happy New Year. 2016 has begun and we will have 366 episodes this year.

As I do every January 1, I give a New Years resolution for each of the 30 teams.

Let old acquaintance be forgot on this episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Each Team’s Resolutions:

Arizona Diamondbacks
Go nuts with the uniforms. Mix the pants and the shirts. 7 combinations? There are roughly 150 different combinations of hats and pants. DO ALL OF THEM

Atlanta Braves
Keep Freddie Freeman. You have a slew of young talent. When they blossom, Freeman will be that beloved Brave. And while you are at it, stuff some money aside to bring back Heyward when he opts out in a few years

Baltimore Orioles
Sign Justin Upton AND trade for Yasiel Puig. I have a hunch they will both blossom under Buck Showalter

Boston Red Sox
Trade Hanley the NANO SECOND he gets on a hot streak,

Chicago Cubs
Have Bartman, Leon Durham and a Billy Goat Behind home plate all year. Raise a middle finger to the Gods.

Chicago White Sox
Hang tight and see who is available still before spring training and sign them ALL to one year deals.

Cincinnati Reds

Cleveland Indians
Don’t touch the pitching!

Colorado Rockies C
onsider bringing in Ozzie Guillen

Detroit Tigers
Throw Steven Moya into the fray

Houston Astros
Retire J. R. Richard’s number

Kansas City Royals
Go for it again… if it means prospects, you will never get a better shot at a dynasty than now.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
LISTEN to other people

Los Angeles Dodgers
Any international free agent… sign them

Miami Marlins
Line up your next 6 managers now.

Milwaukee Brewers
Really promote those winnable games against the Reds

Minnesota Twins
Be calling Tampa Bay night and day about their pitchers

New York Mets
Spend a little

New York Yankees
When in doubt, play a kid

Oakland A’s
Have an intervention with Billy Beane… do you REALLY have a plan?

Philadelphia Phillies
Bring everyone up. J. P Crawford, Mark Appel, Jake Thompson, pitcher Zach Eflin, Darnell Sweeney… you are Quadruple A. Don’t fight it

Pittsburgh Pirates
You are the Royals without the pennants. You need your Wil Myers trade

San Diego Padres
Let the plan you are doing last for the season. You tried the quick fix. Now see what you have

San Francisco Giants
It is an even year… so don’t be afraid to make some big pickups. Like A FEW BATS

Seattle Mariners
Consider bringing back the Trident Hat… maybe just on weekends

St. Louis Cardinals
Just relax. You are the Cardinals. When the dust settles, you will have won 90 games

Tampa Bay Rays
Find a crazy billionaire to build a stadium.

Texas Rangers
Red uniforms at home… blue on the road… and put Rangers on it

Toronto Blue Jays
Don’t lose those fans

Washington Nationals
Just have another manager waiting in the wings

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – January 1, 2016

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