Sully Baseball Hall of Fame Picks and Prediction


I do not have a Hall of Fame vote, which we can all agree is a travesty. If I did, I would take my vote seriously and make my opinions heard loudly.

Alas, that will have to wait another year. But as a proud member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, I do have a platform to list what what my ballot WOULD be.

So here we go… this is my Hall of Fame Ballot… in Alphabetical Order:



Rhona Wise/European Pressphoto Agency

So as you can see, the PED history around Bonds and Clemens is not a deterrent to me. I think a Hall of Fame without Bonds and without Clemens is incomplete.

I think Jim Edmonds, Edgar Martinez and Alan Trammell will all get the short end of the stick. I wanted to give them my support.

Tim Raines was an elite offensive force whose lone sin seems to be he wasn’t as good as Rickey Henderson. Few ever were.

Mike Piazza should have been in years ago, back acne or not.

And before anyone claims I am a homer for putting Curt Schilling on my ballot, please note that long time Yankee Mike Mussina is on my ballot.

And of course no brainer Griffey gets a vote.

Where is Jeff Bagwell, Mark McGwire, Jeff Kent, Gary Sheffield or Larry Walker? The beauty of the crowded ballotĀ is I can leave of some that I don’t necessarily like and be able to plead “Hey! There are only 10 spots!”

Where is Trevor Hoffman? Frankly, I have never been a believer in his Hall of Fame candidacy. Billy Wagner? I think he has a more compelling argument, but which of the 10 should I eliminate?

So there is my ballot. I want all 10 to get in. I want a super crowded stage and 10 speeches on a warm day in Cooperstown.

Now what do I ACTUALLY think will happen? What is my REAL prediction for who will be elected to the Hall of Fame on Wednesday?


Credit: Allsport/ Matthew Stockman

Griffey… and that’s it.
I bet the votes for EVERYONE else will come up short.

I don’t want that to be the case, but I think it will.

So let’s see how my ballot and my predictions stack up tomorrow.

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