Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – February 27, 2016

Today I talk about Dan Shaughnessy, the Red Sox, past GMs, the Oscars, the American League pennant and why Mad Max Fury Road should win the Best Picture.

It is all connected for me.

What a day… what a lovely day for The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast
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Sully Baseball Podcast Rewind -February 27, 2015


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On February 27, 2015, Erin Foley, host of the podcast Sports Without Balls, joined the podcast to talk Yankees, Red Sox and how she is going to adjust her parents’ cable package.

Enjoy this Podcast Rewind.

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – February 27, 2015

Sully Baseball Podcast Rewind – February 27, 2014


On February 27, 2014, I talked about the possibility of the Giants and A’s sharing a stadium. Turned out to be a lot of noise about nothing.

Enjoy this podcast rewind.

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast –¬†February 27, 2014