It is 2017

11045489_10153884468779937_4115715087760392798_n2016 was a strange year. But it is over now.

Cub fans are waking up to the first year in over a century where they do not have to wonder what a World Series title will feel like.

Some fan base will remember 2017 as one of the best year’s of their baseball lives.

Another fan base will grind their teeth and think about what could have been.

One player will cement their legacy as an all time great.

Another player will play their final big league game.

Some player who has never played a day in the Major Leagues will finish the season celebrating a World Series title.

Another player expecting to play this year will not get into a single game.

Several baseball legends will pass away.

Others will be born.

All will happen in 2017. We do not know whose names will fit these descriptions yet. But it will be fun to see it happen.

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