Mike Torrez 1979 Hostess Card – Sully Baseball Card of the Day for July 27, 2017


Mike Torrez hates to wear a hat.

He MUST! I am not just basing that statement on this card cut out from the bottom of a Twinkies box in 1979.

Take a look at this card cut out from a Twinkies box in 1977.


Same thing.

Not convincing enough for you?

Why not take a look at his Topps card from 1977.


Or his Topps Card from 1979.

Screen shot 2017-07-26 at 3.26.56 PM

Or how about how he looked just MOMENTS after clinching the 1977 World Series.


He threw the last pitch, caught the final out and BOOM! Hat is off.

Why is that?

I have two theories. One is the times he DID wear a cap in a picture, they were often HORRIBLY airbrushed.

Check out his A’s cap turned into a Yankees cap in this Burger King Card from 1977.70085-7Fr.jpg

And later when he WAS wearing a Yankees cap, it transformed into a pseudo Boston lid.mike-torrez-78-0011.jpg

His jumping from the Yankees to the Red Sox via free agency was initially a huge coup for Boston. Torrez, who had a long and solid if not spectacular career with St. Louis, Montreal, Baltimore and Oakland, had been a rock steady addition to the Yankees in 1977.

He worked out of the bullpen in the clinching Game 5 of the 1977 ALCS, setting up the Yankees dramatic come from behind victory. Then in the World Series pitched a pair of complete game victories, including catching the final pop up to seal the Yankees’ first title since 1962.

He came along to the Red Sox and gave them a typical Torrez year. Lots of innings, solid pitching and a bunch of wins were on the menu. He was tapped to face his former team in the one game playoff for the AL East and had a shutout going into the 7th.

Then up came Bucky Dent. And there are still loons in Boston who think Torrez was a double agent, still feeling loyalty to his former Yankee teammates and served it up on purpose.

As with most goats in baseball history, it is a shame that Torrez’s career was defined by that one pitch. He pitched in 16 complete seasons at the big league level and parts of two others. ┬áHe was a 20 game winner, consistently threw over 200 innings, played along side several Hall of Famers and was one of the brightest stars in a classic World Series.

Torrez didn’t get the start for the tie breaker game because he sucked!

As for the hat thing, I have another theory, and one that I think is most accurate:

Torrez was a good looking dude. Seriously, look at this guy.

He’s a handsome guy with a GREAT head of hair. And how do you think he looks now?


He still looks handsome in a distinguished way and with a great head of hair. Maybe he didn’t want to wear a cap because he loved his hair.

I do not blame him. It is a GREAT head of hair.

Now let’s remember the greatest moment of his career, the end of the 1977 World Series.