What I WANT for the 2017 Postseason


OK… I’ve made my predictions and those were what I THINK will happen.

What do I WANT to happen this October?

Well, that is pretty clear.


I want the Twins to clobber the Yankees. I want to be a shutout. I want it to be over early and the place to be half empty by the end.


I have no ill will for either the Diamondbacks nor Rockies. But I wouldn’t mind seeing post season ball at the wacky place known as Coors Field.


I want the Red Sox to sweep the Astros. I want it over quickly and have Chris Sale ready to pitch as MANY GAMES AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!

I love the underdog story of the Twins, but I really really REALLY like this Indians team and Francona. I will have a hard time rooting against them. I also don’t want to see Kluber in Game 1 of the ALCS so I want Indians in 5.


Friend of the podcast Sean Doolittle is newly married and ready to close the deal. The Cubs and their fans had their fun last year. I want Washington to advance in 3.

I like the Dodgers (hell, 2004 ALCS hero Dave Roberts is the skipper) and I would like to see the monkey off the back of Clayton Kershaw. I have no ill will to the Rockies (or D-Backs) but I want this clinched at home for LA so I want Dodgers in 5.


I want the Red Sox in the World Series. If the Red Sox are in the ALCS, I want a 4 game sweep and a celebration at Fenway Park. I can not make that clearer. (If it is Indians vs. Astros, I would want the Indians in 6 so they could celebrate in Cleveland.)


Washington has not seen a World Series since 1933 when the Senators lost to the Giants. I want to see a pile with Sean Doolittle on the bottom and Dusty Baker being celebrated. I want Nationals in 5. (If it is Dodgers and Cubs, then I want the Dodgers in 6.)


In case I was vague. I am a Red Sox fan. I want to see the Red Sox win the World Series. If the Red Sox are in the World Series, even against friend of the podcast Sean Doolittle and the Nationals, I WANT THE RED SOX TO WIN THE WORLD SERIES AND DO SO IN 4 GAMES. (If it is Cleveland vs. Washington as I am predicting, I would want the Nationals to win but be happy for either team. Washington against anyone else, I want Washington. Cleveland against anyone else, I want Cleveland.)

What I WANT is always more important to me than being right about a prediction.

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