Sully Baseball Podcast – Merry Christmas from Dodger Stadium – December 25, 2017


Merry Christmas to my Sully Baseball followers. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, I am giving a gift to you all…

A trip to the ballpark.

OK, so I can’t REALLY do that, but I can do the next best thing. I recorded today’s podcast at a late September game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres at Dodger Stadium. I am joined by my friend Michael X. Ferraro, the great sports writer.

We hang out, watch the game, chat and see a few runs be scored.

Enjoy this bit of baseball fun on Christmas for this episode of Sully Baseball.

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While we are at it, enjoy the In Memoriam video.

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Boston Red Sox Team Picture 1978 Topps – Sully Baseball Card of the Day for December 25, 2017


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Even if you aren’t a practicing Christian, I wish those a Merry Christmas. Heck, I’m an atheist and I say Merry Christmas. Or Happy Rickey Henderson’s Birthday. How is that?

Today’s card of the day is basically a present to myself. 1978 was the first year I collected baseball cards. It was quite a year to be a Red Sox fan although thankfully I didn’t understand how the playoffs worked so the whole Bucky Fucking Dent thing did not play into my enjoyment.

Ripping open a pack of cards and seeing this group here was pretty amazing. So many of my Red Sox heroes in one pic. I say “So many” because Dennis Eckersley and Jerry Remy, both acquired after 1977, were not in this team pic.

I remember picking out Rice, Yaz, Tiant, Bill Lee and Bob Montgomery in this pic. I loved how Boomer Scott looked like such a bad ass with his helmet on. And of course he was standing next to my hero, Butch Hobson. Carlton Fisk, Dwight Evans and Rick Miller were in those “absent from the picture” bubbles above the team. Where the heck were they?

Also there were a few players on here that I had no memory of them on the Sox. Fergie Jenkins, Jim Willoughby and Denny Doyle were prominent. So was Bernie Carbo. The first Red Sox game I ever attended was in 1977. I have no real memory of it except yelling “CALLING ALL CARBOS” when Bernie Carbo came up to bat.

I wore this card out. I marked the back with my pen, checking off dutifully when I got another Red Sox in a pack.

I’ve seen many Red Sox teams make the playoffs and a few even won the whole World Series. But few Red Sox teams will ever give the emotional response that I have looking at this card.

It was my first team!

Merry Christmas everyone. And Go Sox.