Mount Davis at Oakland Coliseum, 2015 – Sully Baseball Daily Photo at Noon for January 29, 2018


Look at Mount Davis, the horrible structure in center field of the Oakland Coliseum. It is a monument to Oakland’s odd romance with the Raiders and dismissal of the A’s.

The Coliseum was a nice place to see a ball game, especially when the A’s didn’t have to share it with the Raiders. But when the Raiders came back from LA, they built this horrific eyesore in center field for football seats. It never quite worked for football and was grotesque for baseball.

And did it work? Of course not. The Raiders want to leave for Vegas and the A’s need a new place to play.

I can’t help but wonder if they built a football only facility or told the Raiders to go f— themselves if the A’s would still be playing in a decent park that housed 4 World Series champs and two more pennant winners.

But Oakland always craved to have the Raiders there more than the A’s. It is too bad.