The corner of Braves Field and Harry Agganis, Boston University Campus, 2016 – Sully Baseball Daily Photo at Noon for March 9, 2018


Not a lot of evidence remains of the Braves in Boston. The city is so associated with the Red Sox that the idea of any other team holding court in New England seems almost blasphemous.

But on the campus of Boston University, near Nickerson Field, the streets are named after Braves Field and Harry Agganis.

The football stadium is partially the structure of the old Braves Field, where Boston had a pair of National League pennant winners.

Aggainis was a Boston University football and baseball star. He played with the Red Sox in the 1950’s before dying suddenly of a pulmonary embolism at age 26.

The Cambridge native was a beloved figure in Boston but, like the Braves existence in town, his memory slowly faded away.

There on the Boston University campus, both the memory of Agganis and the Braves remained honored, if somewhat subtly.

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