Your pal Sully is a guest again on The Indiana Jones Minute ( @IndianaJonesMin )


Once again, I join Gerry Porter, Tom Taylor and Pete Mummert on The Indiana Jones Minute. This time we discussed Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade… and as always we went down some strange tangents.

Listen to the two episodes below.



Sully Baseball Podcast – Talking Twins in Anaheim – March 13, 2018


While in the parking lot of Angel Stadium in Anaheim, I break down why the Twins had the best off season of any team in baseball.

Waiting for the season to start on this episode of Sully Baseball.

While we are at it, enjoy the In Memoriam video.

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My first ever Red Sox cap from 1975 – Sully Baseball Daily Photo at Noon for March 13, 2018


One of the earliest memories of my life was my dad coming home from a business trip in 1975. I was 3 years old. We were living in Southport, CT.

He had his hands behind his back and revealed a pair of Red Sox caps, one for me and one for my brother.

43 years later, I still have it.