Sully Baseball Podcast – Ways Baseball Can Help Lead Us From Domestic Violence – March 16, 2018


A horrifying video involving a former Astros prospect assaulting his girlfriend has put the issue of domestic violence in sports back into the forefront. Baseball can play a role in reducing toxic masculinity and we can all follow suit in a way that will make life better and still keep our sports fandom

Making the world better one step at a time on this episode of Sully Baseball.

While we are at it, enjoy the In Memoriam video.

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Yankee Stadium and the Bat, 1993 – Sully Baseball Daily Photo at Noon for March 16, 2018


Whomever made the decision to put a gigantic bat in front of Yankee Stadium when it reopened in 1976 was a genius.

Seriously, it became THE way to meet your friends in a pre cell phone universe.

You needed the physical tickets. You couldn’t e mail them to anyone. And you couldn’t call someone in the crowd before a game because nobody had a phone.

What was the solution? Just say “Let’s meet at the Bat.”

Granted, EVERYONE wound up meeting at the bat, but at least you had a specific place to weed through the crowd and find your friend.

The concept of texting was beyond any of our comprehension then.