Stephen Strasburg and Alex Bregman Owned the World Series – Final WOWS Tally for the 2019 World Series


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No surprise that Stephen Strasburg had the highest pitching WOWS total. He won the Series MVP after all. But it might come as a shock to see Bregman, and his .207 average, owning it as a hitter.

Well lots of hitters had shining moments and it stopped any one from piling up a big total. In the end, a bunch of key homers put Bregman over the top.

Both Strasburg and Bregman finished with 2 WOWS. Juan Soto and Anthony Rendon tied for second with 1 1/2 among hitters. No pitcher other than Strasburg had higher than 1 WOWS.

Each winning team for every World Series game gets a pitcher and a hitter who earn a full WOWS (Who Owns the World Series.)

And at my discretion, I award a 1/2 WOWS’ to a worthy player on the losing team.

But the World Series deserves its own stats. WOWS (Who Owns the World Series.)


A complete description of the rules can be found HERE.


Current WOWS Totals MLB 2018
Hitters ‘WOWS’ MLB 2018
Alex Bregman – Astros 2, Juan Soto – Nationals 1 1/2, Anthony Rendon – Nationals 1 1/2, José Altuve – Astros 1, Yordan Alvarez – Astros 1, Howie Kendrick – Nationals 1, Kurt Suzuki – Nationals 1, Yuli Gurriel – Astros 1/2, Víctor Robles – Nationals 1/2, George Springer – Astros 1/2

Pitchers ‘WOWS’ MLB 2018
Stephen Strasburg – Nationals 2, Gerrit Cole – Astros 1, Patrick Corbin – Nationals 1, Sean Doolittle – Nationals 1, Will Harris – Astros 1, Joe Ross – Nationals 1, José Urquidy – Astros 1, Zack Greinke – Astros 1/2, Justin Verlander – Astros 1/2

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