The playoffs get started in a few hours… somewhere a player is waking up, unaware that they are going to be the name associated with the World Series title for 2021.

Before the Red Sox and Yankees get the playoffs started with tonight’s Wild Card Game, let me make my official picks. This is not what I want to happen (I want the Red Sox and Giants in the World Series.) This is what I THINK will happen.

AL Wild Card

Yankees defeat Red Sox – 7-1

NL Wild Card

Dodgers defeat Cardinals – 3-2

AL Division Series

Rays defeat Yankees, 3-0

Astros defeat White Sox, 3-1

NL Division Series

Giants defeat Dodgers, 3-2

Brewers defeat Braves, 3-1


Rays defeat Astros, 4-1


Brewers defeat Giants, 4-3

World Series

Brewers defeat Rays, 4-2

So there you have it. For only the second time in the last 100 years, I think two franchises who have never won the World Series will face off for the title and I think there will be joy for the Brew Crew.

These are my picks. Now let’s see how wrong I am.

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