Craig Kimbrel is Employed and I was Wrong About Chris Sale: Locked On MLB – June 6, 2019


Craig Kimbrel found a job! Good work for the Cubs and stupid non move for Atlanta.

Meanwhile, Wednesday was a totally bananas day of big league ball and I was wrong about Chris Sale.

This is the Locked On MLB Podcast hosted by me, Paul Francis Sullivan. Please call me Sully.

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Shaky Bullpens and Rays of Hope – @LockedOnMLB for April 22, 2019

1649D400-B316-4DBE-B742-3DFB6C109E1FAll around baseball, bullpens had a shaky weekend. Maybe one team SHOULD take a chance with Craig Kimbrel.

Meanwhile, let’s all agree to focus on what is POSITIVE about the Tampa Bay Rays. We all know about the stadium and the attendance. It is easy to be negative.

But the team, despite this weekend’s sweep by Boston, is one of the bright spots of the game right now.

This is the LockedOn MLB Podcast with your host Paul Francis Sullivan. Please call me Sully.

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Sully Baseball Podcast: Thinking of Pitching While Driving – September 7, 2018


Driving along along the 5 freeway, I began to think about ways to put together a pitching staff that doesn’t require wearing a bullpen down but still tries to keep starters from facing an order more than twice.

I have an idea.

On the road again in this episode of Sully Baseball.

While we are at it, enjoy the NEW In Memoriam video.

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