Avoid Dumb Losses and the Fate of Joe Maddon: Locked on MLB – August 15, 2019

465C79E6-9CCF-41BC-838E-78E059E74D81For teams locked in the mediocre NL Wild Card race, there is no room for a dumb loss. Meanwhile Joe Maddon could be the most interesting free agent manager in decades if he is let go. He will be.

This is the Locked On MLB Podcast. I am your host Paul Francis Sullivan. Please call me Sully.

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Wondering if the Season Has Started and Hall of Fame Manager Thoughts – Latest @LockedOnMLB Podcast



Has the season started or not? It is very confusing with the soft opening. I think the season should start with the All Star Game anyway.

That is discussed along figuring out which managers will be closer to Cooperstown with a World Series title in 2019.

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Sully Baseball Podcast: Tony Wolters, Requiem For The Cubs and A Great Opening act – October 3, 2018


Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune

As Vin Scully would say, not a bad opening act for the post season. Tony Wolters becomes the hero and demonstrates why baseball is so wonderful in creating unlikely immortals.

Meanwhile Cub fans will take comfort that hurtful losses like this no longer have the baggage of the Cursed Days of the team.

Turning the page in this episode of Sully Baseball.

While we are at it, enjoy the NEW In Memoriam video.

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