Wasted Space in Montreal’s Stade Olympique, 1995 – Sully Baseball Daily Card at Noon for April 21, 2018


When my dad and I went to Stade Olympique in Montreal, we were struck by how BIG the place was and how few people were in it.

And the way that a gigantic chunk of the stadium was roped off, it would feel empty even if the place was sold out.

The blue tarp on the left covers the seats that fans USED to sit in. They moved the bleachers forward with the temporary seats on the right. The result is a concrete gap that stretches out towards the scoreboard.

Look, I loved the Expos and I want baseball to come back to Montreal. But MAN there is no denying what an unpleasant place this was to see a ballgame!

(It is still baseball and I still loved it… but still.)

Warning for Fans, Fenway Park 2016 – Sully Baseball Photo at Noon for April 20, 2018


There should be ushers who force everyone to acknowledge this before each game. If you sit in the front row and could POSSIBLY interfere with a ball in play, there is no excuse for you not to know this.

If you lean over to even ATTEMPT to pick up a ball in play, you should be forced to move back a few rows while someone in the cheap seats gets to sit up front.