Sully Baseball Podcast – Honoring Jimmy Ring – December 29, 2017


Chances are you never heard of Jimmy Ring. But had a wild and interesting career involving being dealt for Hall of Famers twice, avoiding scandals and winning in a memorable World Series.

Enjoy this front row to history episode of Sully Baseball .

Read the SABR article by clicking HERE.

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Sully Baseball Podcast – Beginning Baseball From Africa and Ending ESPN’s ERA – April 28, 2017


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Gift Ngoepe (pronounced Ngoepe) could open new potential talent in Africa for the future. Meanwhile ESPN’s influence on baseball was great but could be done. And I cover the 1981 Reds, another team that should have won.

It is a world wide episode of Sully Baseball.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – April 2, 2017

After 1,622 straight days of doing a daily podcast, never missing a day, the streak is ending today.

The format will change from daily to weekly. But before I make the change, I wanted to acknowledge the strange 4 1/2 year journey that comprised the single most fun I have ever had doing a creative project.

Thanks for these past 1,622 days of joining you and let’s look forward to what the future may bring.

One thing ends as a season begins on the final episode of Sully Baseball DAILY Podcast.

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