The Nats Got a Parade, The Mets Want One and the White Sox are Lurking: Locked on MLB, November 4, 2019

76F40B88-4920-4A2D-9EE9-F913E8461942The Nationals put an exclamation point on their 2019 with their World Series parade. The Mets are hoping that new manager Carlos Beltrán can lead them to the promise land.

Meanwhile the White Sox rebuilding process could make them interesting buyers in the free agent market.

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Gerrit Cole and the Astros Take Control while Strike Zones Make No Sense: Locked on MLB, October 28, 2019

DF92BBE1-679C-4A19-B4FF-A99E16E74687Give the Astros credit. They did everything right to take control of the World Series. We do need some strikezone clarity. It alters reality if we do not.

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