COMSTRAT 563 – Professional Digital Content Promotion – Final Presentation






My project for the semester was the promotion of the fictitious comedy club, “The Argonaut.”

I chose this as my subject based upon my experience in the world of stand up comedy for 15 years in both New York and San Francisco. I saw this course as an opportunity to reimagine the experience of live comedy and what a new venue could offer. I did not want to create a campaign for a bar that happens to have performers, which is what most comedy clubs are.

I decided to place this club in near by San Francisco, which has always had a thriving and innovative comedy community.

Along with my comedy club experience, I have worked in new media and currently work for a high tech company. I know that with media changing, the need for new, entertaining and engaging content is very valuable. And no content gets more eye balls and is shared more frequently than the ones that are funny.

I felt there was a natural combination of high tech video and distribution models along with new funny talent creating interesting content.

Most clubs only think about how the entertainment can be contained within their walls and the two drink minimum. But if the streamed, embedded and potentially viral content could find a bigger audience, then a new way of developing humorous content could be delivered.

Thus was born the Argonaut.

Actually, I did a survey among tech folk and comedians and other people about names and logos. Argonaut with the microphone stand next to the Golden Gate Bridge was the hands down favorite. (I personally preferred another one, but I went with the consensus.)

I engaged with performers and software developers and video producers about what they would want in a comedy club if we could start from scratch.

A steady rotation of performers, quality video production and a distribution model for the shows constantly were brought up.

I designed the site (after several attempts where my changes did not save).

I created the tag line “Dragging the world of comedy kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.” That was a not so subtle dig at how comedy clubs are stuck in the two drink minimum mentality in the face of a changing media landscape.

The front page includes a calendar for the opening and up coming events including meetings between technological innovators and performers. (Many times it takes a creative person to see the potential of a technological idea. Seeing that so many creative people and technologically brilliant people live near San Francisco, let’s join the worlds up!)

The club is located at 5425 Mission Street in San Francisco and a tab links to Google Maps to provide directions. (In truth, that address is an empty lot.)

The Mission Statement Tab lays out what the Argonaut hopes to be, complete with a public domain image of a microphone being held up in defiance.

The Contact Tab has the e mail address, a Gmail account I set up, along with an “Introduce Yourself” form to fill out. I have received some e mails from comedians looking to perform at the Argonaut.

The Calendar Tab shows the weekly performing schedule. These have the hypothetical shows, symposiums and tapings. Talk show templates and material turned down from network TV will find a home. The “Buy Tickets” tabs link to Ticketmaster.

In addition to the e mail, there are links to the Twitter account. (A few comedy clubs contacted me via Twitter to find out what we were about.)

Also the Facebook page was set up and linked.

I also created a YouTube account for The Argonaut. I created a quick promotional video that plays at the front page of the website.

The fun thing is several comedians asked about the club and seemed enthusiastic. Perhaps I am on to something.