Final Washington state University COM561 Multimedia Portfolio


Narrative Graphic Collage


For the Narrative Graphic Collage project, I used PhotoShop to create a potential book cover for a writing project of mine. My book focuses on the strange history of the Athletics baseball team and how they have struggled in their history to find a permanent home.

The Athletics had a rich and successful history in Philadelphia but financial hard times forced them to move to Kansas City and later to Oakland. To this day they are trying to move again and they had many moves that almost happened over the years.

To illustrate this, I took a photo of the current (and maligned) stadium in Oakland California. I wanted their history to be hovering over the ballpark like a cloud. So in the clouds above, I inserted a map with green flags stuck in the three cities they actually called home. Blue flags were stuck in the many cities they nearly moved to (including Dallas, Louisville, San Diego and Atlanta.)

A public domain image of one of the championship Philadelphia teams looms over their old home. A faint image of their Kansas City home (again an public domain image) appears in the Midwest along with their forgotten logos (a KC and an elephant.) Even more faint is a post card of San Jose, the city where they hope to eventually move to.

The lettering was curved to mirror the top bowl of the stadium.

This was designed to give a ghostly but also whimsical illustration of the plight of this vagabond franchise.


Logo Project


For the occasion of the 1000th episode of my daily baseball podcast, I designed a logo using Adobe Illustrator.

After rejecting a few design concepts as being too complicated, I decided to make the image be a baseball with headphones on and the logo on the baseball.

A simple circle represented the baseball with shading to give it three dimensions. The headphones consisted of several rounded rectangles built together with the ear part gray to look like a soft fabric. There was shading to the black to give it some depth. I duplicated the ear phone and flipped it, putting it on the other side of the ball. A slight curve was also duplicated to create the headset.

The stitches were tricky and took several attempts. My solution was to create a single bent line and then inserting it a pattern replacing a line. That was curved slightly, duplicated and flipped at the bottom of the ball.

I removed the background of my logo and placed it in the center of the baseball. Curved blue lines were duplicated and flipped to simulate sound from the headset.

After writing “Daily Podcast” in text underneath the ball, I changed the background to a blue gradient color and finished the logo.

Audio Story


For the Audio Story assignment, I decided to focus on a location that has always fascinated me: The former location of Seals Stadium in San Francisco.

With Candlestick Park, the former home of the San Francisco Giants and San Francisco 49ers being demolished, I realized that eventually the site of so many great memories would fade away and become forgotten. I knew that before the Giants played in Candlestick, they played in Seals Stadium, in the Portero Hills section of San Francisco. That stadium was also the home of the minor league San Francisco Seals. Players like Joe DiMaggio and Willie Mays called the place home.

I recorded myself at the site of Candlestick Park to start the program but then moved to Seals Stadium’s old locale. It is a shopping center now with a supermarket and other stores. The Giants, defending World Series champs, are wildly popular. Many people were milling about wearing Giants gear, not knowing they were standing where their team once called home.

I stopped and interviewed a few, asking them if they knew the significance of the spot. Only one, relatively young fan, knew. I decided to delete a section in a local bar that had memorabilia for the Giants old park. It was fine in theory but ruined the momentum of the piece.

Eventually I went to the spot where home plate existed and finished there.

I did my best to smooth out sound issues using Adobe Audition. I edited it down and uploaded to SoundCloud.


Video Story


For the video story, I again went to two of my favorite topics: baseball stadiums and the plight of the Oakland A’s. I hoped to create a video that could answer the sometimes complicated question of why the A’s can’t move to San Jose even though they want to and the city wants them to.

First I talked into a recorder, having me explain the situation the way I would talking to a friend at a bar. Then I transcribed my explanation. At that point I divided the script into sections, usually a few sentences long. I put a location next to each group of sentences.

With the carved up script, I went to several locations: The site of Candlestick Park in San Francisco, the Coliseum in Oakland, the proposed site of Cisco Field in San Jose, the proposed site of Cisco Field in Fremont and the Cisco Headquarters in San Jose.

I shot myself saying each group of sentences at the various locations. Using Adobe Premiere, I edited the chunks together to give the illusion of it being said in one sitting, even though the locations kept bouncing around.

I created maps on Photoshop using Microsoft Maps to illustrate the concept of Territorial Rights.

The lone photographed used was one taken by myself.

After trimming down the edits (and deleting a scene at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara) I uploaded the piece to YouTube.

Feedback: Please click here to review this work.

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