Was Carmona or Heredia the good pitcher?

I know it is a scandal that Fausto Carmona has two identities and is actually Roberto Hernandez Heredia. But it is hardly a surprise.

He’s always pitched like he was two different people.
One pitcher was a kick butt starter who made the All Star team one year and contended for a Cy Young Award the next.

The other was a disastrous “Doesn’t belong in the Major Leagues” chump who four times had ERAs over 5. The Indians tried him as a closer and in 4 straight appearances lost or blew the lead every time.

And people are surprised he had an identity crisis?
I could have told you that years ago.

I’m guessing Carmona was the pitcher who struck out A-Rod and went 9 during the “Midges Game” and Heredia was the pitcher who kept getting rocked.

The key for the Indians is to only employ Carmona and they’ll be in good shape.

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What do I want for the playoffs? 40 GAMES!

Last night’s victory by the Cardinals was the 29th playoff game played this year. Between the 4 Division Series, the ALCS and the NLCS, the tally so far has been 29 games.

And both LCS are still up in the air. The Tigers can win today and the Brewers could win tomorrow and we’d have a pair of 7th games.

Now keep this in mind. In 2007, between the 4 Division Series, ALCS, NLCS and World Series, only 28 games were played… total.

Three of the Division Series were sweeps. The NLCS and the World Series were both sweeps.
Only the Indians 4 game victory over the Yankees and the Red Sox 7 game ALCS clinching kept the post season from being the minimum. (I could be generous and say there were 29 post season games by including the Padres and Rockies one game playoff.)

The MAXIMUM number of possible post season games is 41.
That’s if all Division Series, the ALCS, NLCS and World Series all go the distance.

That’s impossible this year because the Rays and Rangers series went 4 and not 5 games.
But the other three Division Series went the full 5 and there is the possibility of both LCS going all 7.

The maximum number of games that can be played this post season is 40.
And THAT’S what I am rooting for.
Two LCS being decided by one game and the World Series going 7.

Now, because I wonder about things like this, I tried to see how many games each post season went since the Wild Card was introduced.

2007 was the quickest post season with 28.
The longest? That would be 2003 when 2 Division Series and both LCS went the distance.

In 1998 and 2009, not a single post season series had a winner take all deciding game.

Here are how the post seasons unfolded.

1995 31 games. 1 Division Series went the distance.
1996 32 games. NLCS went the distance.
1997 34 games. 1 Division Series and World Series went the distance.
1998 30 games. No series went the distance.
1999 31 games. 1 Division Series went the distance.
2000 31 games. 1 Division Series went the distance.
2001 35 games. 3 Division Series and the World Series went the distance.
2002 34 games. 2 Division Series and the World Series went the distance.
2003 38 games. 2 Division Series, the NLCS and ALCS went the distance.
2004 34 games. 1 Division Series, the NLCS and ALCS went the distance.
2005 30 games. 1 Division Series went the distance.
2006 30 games. NLCS went the distance.
2007 28 games. ALCS went the distance.
2008 32 games. ALCS went the distance.
2009 30 games. No series went the distance.
2010 32 games. 1 Division Series went the distance.

So unless you are from Texas or St. Louis or have a friend or family member on the Rangers or Cardinals, root for the Tigers and Brewers in Game 6. Let’s have some 7 game series.

It’s been 9 years since a World Series went 7 games. It’s been 3 years since the ALCS went 7 and 5 years since the NLCS had 7.

Let’s have 40 post season games for the first time ever.
Trust me, it will be fun.

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Arizona fans… You don’t know how good you have it

It’s Memorial Day and yes, the Arizona Diamondbacks are in first place all by themselves. I’ve been looking up pre season predictions for the past few minutes. I couldn’t find one expert who picked the D’Backs to win the west.

But here they are about 1/3 of the way through.

Is there a stranger franchise than Arizona?
They were an expansion team who won 100 games in their second year.
By year 4 they won the best World Series of the past 20 years.
3 years later they were a 100 loss team.
3 years later they were hosting the NLCS.
3 years later they nearly lost 100 games.

And now they are in first place again.

When they were reckless in their spending, they created their signature moment (the 2001 Championship.)

When they built the team responsibly, they tore it down almost instantly.

They’ve had four unique managers in Buck Showalter, Bob Brenly, Bob Melvin and Kirk Gibson.

And in 14 seasons they seem to average 3 or 4 different uniform combinations per year.

I took Diamondback fans to task in 2007 for not selling out their games and in 2008 for not supporting their team.

Of course I am a raging hypocrite. I am a transplant who won’t root for the local team, but I am asking the good people of Phoenix to do just that.

As I understand there are a ton of Cubs fans who have somehow landed in Arizona. There could be happiness for Cub fans if they root for the local team. In the last 103 years, the Cubs have won a grand total of one post season series (the 2003 Division Series.)

The Diamondbacks have won 4 post season series, including one against the Cubs.

Seriously, I understand how hard it can be to change loyalties. But in less than 15 seasons the Diamondbacks have given their fans thrills and enough valleys to weed out the bandwagon fans.

They are 1/3 of the way to ANOTHER Division winner.
That would be the team’s 5th in 14 years.

That’s a 35% success rate.
For the Cubs if they made the post season 35% of the time they would have 37 Octobers as opposed to 16.

I’m just saying.

The D’Backs are fun.
Just try and keep up with the correct up to date hat.

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