My first and last Biathlon post

So I actually watched some of the Winter Olympics yesterday afternoon. I caught some of the biathlon.

(My spellcheck won’t accept “biathlon” nor should it.)

I love that the biathlon exists. Basically someone saw the opening of “The Spy Who Loved Me” and said “That should be an Olympic event!”

For those of you who don’t know what that event is (and why would you?) basically it is a cross country skiing race where you carry a rifle on your back.

Then you stop, crouch like a sniper, and fire at some targets. If you miss a target you have to do a penalty lap.

I suppose this prevents various Swedes and Danish skiers from just firing wildly like Tony Montana.

I got hooked on it a for a while, which I guess is the charm of the Olympics.

Every time during the Olympics, I find myself thinking “I can’t believe I am watching this sport.”

I think this sport would get a little more year round popularity in America if they stopped to shoot at the ski jumpers.

And frankly that would help ski jumping’s popularity as well.

And for those of you who didn’t get my Spy Who Loved Me reference… watch this clip and tell me how it differs from the biathlon.

(The Biathalon needs that disco version of the 007 theme!)

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Are the Olympics even going on?

This morning, after getting the paper and buying a latte for my wife and mother in law, I sat down on my couch, turned on the TV and decided to watch part of the Olympics.

This wasn’t even out of any desire to watch it… it was more of an obligation.

For Christsake it’s the damn Olympics! The biggest sporting event of the year. And yet it has become algebra homework to me now.

“Alright… I watch it and be proud of America… if I have to.” I thought.

Of course the Olympics have lost their luster since it became every other year. When it was both winter and summer Olympics every four years, yeah it was more exciting. When this year’s ceremony began, I found myself thinking “Didn’t we just have the Olympics?”

And yeah we did. And guess what? The Beijing Olympics were less than 2 years ago.

And after that INSANE opening they had in Beijing, what’s the point of trying to top it?

It’s Olympic overload. It reminds me of an episode of The Simpsons where Marge and Homer go to a bar where every night they count down the New Year and celebrate.

Marge turns to one of the waiters and says “This must be the happiest place in the world to work.”

The waiter says “Kill me.”

Maybe the death on the luge track cast a pall on the Olympics before the opening ceremony took place.

Maybe having kids and a job means I have less time to get really hooked on curling or some Swedes riding a toboggan.

Either way, I felt this morning that I should watch a few minutes. Who knows? Maybe that Swede in the toboggan will catch my attention.

Besides, I get hooked on American Idol and I don’t care about music. I get hooked on Project Runway and I don’t care about fashion.

So this Sunday morning I flipped on NBC… and saw Chris Matthews talking with Bob Woodward about Harry Reid’s seat.

MSNBC had some talking heads talking about politics. (And sadly the talking heads weren’t Talking Heads.)

CNBC had “paid programming.”

No Olympic coverage!
I know it is early Sunday, but it was 11 AM Eastern Time… and there were plenty of events that I am sure there were events on tape delay.

I wanted to see some sledding, or skating or at least a snowball fight.

You had your window of opportunity to get Sully’s attention, NBC. You blew it.

But don’t worry… 2012 and London are right around the corner.

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