Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – May 12, 2015



With so few teams truly out of contention, the 2015 season could be the perfect time for the Phillies, Braves, Brewers and Rockies to stock up in their farm system.

Make trades thinking of quantity over quality. That worked for the A’s and Astros!

That and a few passing references to Tom Brady on  Episode 931 of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Scott Van Slyke, Mark Teixeira, Shelby Miller, Colby Lewis, Adam Eaton, Christian Yelich and Tom Koehler all added to their totals for Who Owns Baseball?


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Hey Bud Black… Harang was pitching well

When a guy is throwing a no hitter after 6 innings, I’d leave him in the game.
Maybe it’s just me.

When you have two dead from the neck up franchises playing each other in a “Let’s stay out of the cellar” game, why not have the guy come out for the 7th?

When it is a 33 year old guy who could be throwing the game of his 10 year career… why not give him a chance?

Yes, I know he was hurt recently.
I know it was hot.
I know he was fresh off a rehab assignment.

But why have the “Could he have thrown a no hitter?” question linger over his career?
Seriously how many more years does Aaron Harang have?

You can’t push pitchers when they are in their early 20s and you can’t push them in their early 30s I guess.

Let him throw until he lets up a hit.
Wouldn’t a no hitter from a likable veteran make a down San Diego year a little better?
Especially seeing it would have been the first no hitter in Padres history.

I would have let him pitch the 7th.
Not sure if this qualifies as babying pitchers, but I am going to link the video anyway!

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The sleeping giant of Cincinnati could be awakened

Last weekend, I recommended that you all watch the A’s and Rays series because it was a match up of two solid young and hungry teams.

And if you took my advice, you would have seen Dallas Braden’s perfect game!

Well let me make another weekend viewing suggestion:


Did you know the Reds are only 1/2 a game out of first place? Probably not. I didn’t until this morning. A Reds victory tonight and Cincinnati will be in first place by themselves in mid May.

Now granted, they beat up Pittsburgh and the Pirates are no Cardinals.

But they are at home and maybe a little momentum could push them into first.

Cincinnati should be a baseball haven. It should be mentioned in the same breath as New York, Boston and St. Louis as baseball first fan bases.

The 2000s were rough for Cincy and my pennant prediction was premature

But this could be a baseball revival in the birthplace of professional baseball.

If you are in Cincinnati, show up.
Just hope Aaron Harang shows up as well.

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