Folks… this is what the Red Sox are going to be all year

This is why I am not doing a “Dodged Bullet/Teeth Grinder” comparison with the Red Sox this year. I could see it around Easter.

This is a team that will lose a bunch and win a bunch.
Lose dramatically one day, win dramatically the next.

And what better example than the past 2 days.

Yesterday they win with a walk off come from behind 9th inning homer.
Today Aceves coughs up a 9th inning come from behind homer to lose it.

They have 4 games against the Tigers to finish up the month of May.
It is a good bet that they will split those 4 games.

It is who they are.

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NOPE! Still not updating the Red Sox tally

The Red Sox swept the Twins.
I’m happy about that.

The won a shaky and back and forth game. Aceves struck out Dernard Span with the bases loaded to end the game.

That’s terrific.
But I stand by a previous post.

I am NOT going to do my “Teeth Grinder/Dodged Bullet” tally.

Sweeping a potential 90 loss team (with Clay Buchholz showing that his days of being a ‘budding ace’ are all but over) does not make this team bogged with holes a contender.

I am rooting for the Red Sox. I always root for the Red Sox. But the fact of the matter is they are NOT a very good team. And the sooner Sox fans come to grips with that, the more fun they will have this summer.

Tonight was a fun win.
Nothing more.

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The Old Man Is Snoring

OK, so I was wrong. I didn’t want the Red Sox trying to play this second game.
They did… and despite another rain delay the Sox picked up 2 wins while the Yankees order room service in Baltimore.
And these are 2 games the Yankees will have to make up somewhere in a crowded Baltimore (hellllllo A. J. Burnett starts.)
Meanwhile Alfredo Aceves picked up ANOTHER win!
He’s 9-1!
Here’s an idea for Francona. Put Wakefield in all of Aceves spots. He’ll have his 200 wins in a heartbeat.

So now they Red Sox have Sunday and Monday off and be rested and ready for the Yankees.

And while I am at it…
And to get into the playoffs…


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