With Kenny Mack in Anaheim, 2009 – Sully Baseball Daily Photo for May 5, 2018


Here are two old friends. Kenny Mack and I went to elementary school and middle school together in Massachusetts. Then we lost track of each other. Then, two decades later, we bumped into each other doing comedy in San Francisco.

We haven’t lost touch since. The day before my birthday in 2009, we were both living in Los Angeles County. We decided to see our beloved Red Sox together at an Angels game.

The Sox lost but time was spent with a guy who has been a friend for the long haul.

Outside Anaheim Stadium, 1992 – Sully Baseball Daily Photo at Noon for April 29, 2018


Back in 1992, the Angels weren’t running away from their connection to Anaheim. Granted, they weren’t CALLING themselves the Anaheim Angels yet. They were still only the California Angels.

But they weren’t pretending they were in Los Angeles either.

In 1992, the Rams also played there and the stadium was enclosed awkwardly. It was kind of like Candlestick Park without the wind or any character.

It is nicer now than it was then. But there was no questioning where you were.