Rings for Don Mattingly? Terry Pendleton?

Were there ever two players that had worse luck for winning a World Series ring than Don Mattingly and Terry Pendleton?
I wrote last year how Mattingly’s career was perfectly wedged between two great Yankee eras.
Terry Pendleton’s career was no less agonizing in terms of getting a ring. He was part of two Cardinals teams that lost game 7 of the World Series, including the Don Denkinger game of 1985.
And as a member of the Braves he was the MVP of their miraculous 1991 pennant run. But they lost THAT series in 7 games… and lost the World Series in 1992 and the NLCS in 1993. Pendleton went to the Marlins in 1995 as the Braves won the World Series. He returned to Atlanta the next year, only to see the Yankees pull off one of the great upsets in World Series history… the year after Mattingly retired.
Well guess what?
Both of them are coaches on teams that might very well be playing deep into October.
They can get their belated World Series rings THIS year!
If the Dodgers win it all, Mattingly would finally have a ring.
If the Braves win it all, Pendleton would get his at long last.
And there are other ringless veterans on almost every coaching staff that has either clinched or is in contention.
Glenn Hubbard was played 12 seasons but was cut from the 1989 World Champion A’s team in midseason.
Tony Pena would have been the 1987 World Series MVP if the Cardinals could have held onto their game 7 lead.
Andy Van Slyke not only was on that same 1985 Cardinals team with Pendleton but also played for the Pirates team who had their World Series dreams dashed by Francisco Cabrera.
Interestingly, each member of the official Cardinals coaching staff have already won a World Series ring as a player or as a coach (or in the case of Hal McRae, both.)
Coaches don’t get the attention that the players nor manager get… but for sentimental reasons let’s take a look at which former Major Leaguers currently on coaching staffs might finally earn that World Series ring at long last.


Glenn Hubbard – 12 year career (1978-1989)
Terry Pendleton – 15 year career (1984-1998)


Tim Bogar – 9 year career (1993-2001)


Bob Apodoca – 5 year career (1973-1977)
Tom Runnells – 2 year career (1985-1986)
Jim Tracy, Manager – 2 year career (1980-1981)
Jim Wright – 2 year career (1981-1982)
Jeff Jones – 5 year career (1980-1984)
Gene Lamont – 5 year career (1970-1975)
Lloyd McClendon– 8 year career (1987-1994)
Andy Van Slyke – 13 year career (1983-1995)

Mike Butcher – 4 year career (1992-1995)
Orlando Mercado – 8 year career (1982 – 1990)


Don Mattingly – 14 year career (1982-1995)

Scott Ullger – 1 year career (1983)
Jerry White – 11 year career (1974-1986)
Dave Eiland – 10 year career (1988-2000)
Mike Harkey – 8 year career (1988-1997)
Mick Kelleher – 11 year career (1972-1982)
Tony Pena – 18 year career (1980-1997)

Pete Mackanin – 9 year career (1973-1981)

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