San Francisco’s AT&T Park Pregame, 2011 – Sully Baseball Daily Photo at Noon for April 7, 2018


The Defending World Champion Giants are getting ready to play during a hazy summer day at AT&T Park.

The first pitch is about to be thrown out. By the look of the guy in the Brian Wilson jersey in the lower left hand corner, the person throwing that pitch is worthy of some applause.

I have no idea who it is coming to the mound. I bet I took this pic because I was excited to see the person.

Oh well… a name lost to time.

Sully Baseball Podcast Rewind – July 5, 2015


On July 5, 2015, I answered a Sunday Request from an Instagram Follower.


I went to each home of the San Francisco Giants, all three of them. I ended up in the aisle of an Office Depot.


Enjoy this Sully Baseball Podcast Rewind

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – July 5, 2015