Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – May 22, 2014


Chuck Crow -

Chuck Crow –

Walk off balks? Losing one hitters? Relievers injuring themselves as a base runner? Seagulls? Pick offs? Multiple good byes? Softball scores?

You are hard pressed to find a more crazy day than yesterday in Major League Baseball.

Time to celebrate or lament it on The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Jered Weaver, Kyle Lohse, Edwin Encarnacion, Marcell Ozuna, Justin Upton, Jose Quintana, Nelson Cruz and that poor schmuck Jeff Samardzija  all added to their totals for Who Owns Baseball

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What’s more exciting than a game winning balk?

Oh just about ANYTHING including a poetry reading.
I guess the Giants need all the offensive help they can get… and if they can score the only run of the game because the Twins pitcher twitched, then more power to them.
Maybe the Giants can get a run tomorrow after the pitcher threw the ball!

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Should you REALLY have a big celebration after a walk off balk?

Seriously Braves… I know it was an extra inning win. I know it is always great to win.

But when you win on a vague technicality, shouldn’t the celebration be a bit muted? Or a bit like “Oh boy we got away with one.”

Like if a cop let you go on a speeding ticket or you realize that the cashier gave you too much change back.

I mean if you win on an error, at least the ball was put in play.
If you walk off with a walk, a good batter’s eye was used.
Even a hit by pitch to end the game means good crowding of the plate.

But a pitcher twitches and you act like Chipper Jones launched an upper deck shot?

It doesn’t sit well with me.

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