My brilliant analysis of the Royals and Giants trade

The Royals sent Melky Cabrera to the Giants for Jonathan Sanchez and minor league left hander Ryan Verdugo.
Now I have many Giants fan readers (and not just my dad.) And I got a lot of e mails and text messages asking “What do you think of the deal?” or “Why haven’t you talked about the trade?”
I guess with a few days to think about it, I have to supply my amazing and insightful breakdown of the deal.
I have no clue.
Seriously. How can ANYONE have a clue if this was a good trade?
Jonathan Sanchez? Sure he has talent. He’s left handed. He’s under 30. He won 13 games a few years ago and threw a no hitter a few years before that.
He also has had a grand total of one, count em, ONE noteworthy season as a big league pitcher. And even THAT season he could be agonizingly inconsistent. And only once did he post an ERA below 4.
And he did that in one of the best pitchers ballparks in the game. I felt the Giants should have traded him after the 2010 World Series when his value was at its peak and Bumgarner could take his spot in the rotation.
Instead Sanchez had an injury plagued 2011 and they HAD to deal him now or else they’d have nothing. 30 year old injury plagued pitchers don’t fetch what 29 year old injury plagued pitchers get on the market.
Will he pitch well for the Royals? Or was he a flash in the pan?
I don’t know. Neither do you.
They got Melky Cabrera who is better than anyone else in the Giants outfield. He had career highs in homers, RBI, stolen bases, batting average, OPS, OPS+ games played and plate appearances. He was OK with the Yankees for 4 years, lousy with the Braves for one before flourishing with the Royals.
Did he find himself?
Did he have a fluke good year?
Is he well suited for Kansas City?
Who can honestly say?
But he IS going from the American League and their many hitters parks to the worst hitters park in the game. Will that derail him? Or will he launch drives into the gap and stretch them to triples?
Your guess is as good as mine.
Thrown in for good measure is Ryan Verdugo. He had two very good seasons in the Giants farm system as a relief pitcher. So naturally everyone thought he’d make a great starting pitcher. (Classic Joba Chamberlain syndrome.)
He was eh as a starter for the Double A Flying Squirrels of Richmond. So naturally the Royals will probably keep him in the rotation. He’s 24, left handed and has a pulse, so he will pitch for the next 20 years.
Basically this is a team swapping question marks. The Royals needed an arm. The Giants needed a bat.
Who got the best of this?
Who got the worst?
No clue.
And it is hard hitting analysis like THIS that you can only find on Sully Baseball!

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The Mets have thrown in the towel

Wow. I had a feeling the Mets fire sale would start soon. But I didn’t think it would happen while players were still lingering around Chase Field in Phoenix for post All Star Game festivities.

Beltran and Reyes better get back to Queens fast before they are shipped out!

Francisco Rodriguez is now a Milwaukee Brewer. And while I don’t trust him in post season play any further than I can throw him, but he does pile up saves in the regular season and now those late inning leads will go to someone else.

And the domino effect is going to happen in that bullpen and it won’t be pretty.
Beltran is next. If they can get a package for Reyes, why not?

When I talked about my lousy predictions for the season, one of my readers pointed out that I didn’t mention my prediction that the Mets would lose 90 games.

I’m standing by the prediction. I think this team is about to be dismantled. And they will be essentially fielding an expansion team for August and September… and the mood will get from bad to worse.

Yes I know they are a game over .500 now after their first 91 games.
And to reach 90 losses they’ll have to double their loss total in just 71 games.

I’ve seen teams unravel fast.
They could go 26-45 the rest of the way. 6 of their next 7 games are against the Phillies and Cardinals.

The Mets have series involving the Reds, Diamondbacks, Phillies, Braves and Brewers in August. They also have a bunch of games with the Marlins and Nationals who are playing better.

In other words, losses could pile up fast, especially if morale is bad.

Now keep in mind one thing:
I think the Mets are doing the right thing.
They are dumping bodies off the sinking ship and will have some growing pains with the new crew.

They SHOULD deal Beltran. And if anyone can take Bay do that too.

Read this carefully Mets fans:
I think the Mets will be a major contender in a couple of seasons. I trust Sandy Alderson and sometimes it is a good thing to hit rock bottom.

And Met fans, go to a game at CitiField this year. Nobody will ever question your loyalty to your team after this season.
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