Don’t get me wrong. I love a blow out win. But…

Couldn’t there have been a LITTLE bit of offense the night before?
To score zero runs one night and 14 the next…
Why not 2 one night and 12 the next?

Nice getting Jon Lester some support… spread it around for Wakes, OK?

Ah well. Either way, the Sox are creeping closer to October. I’d prefer the Division. I’ll take the playoffs.

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Now THAT is how you fall out of First Place!

This game was over in the second inning. And if you are going to lose, have a total meltdown.


Being held to 2 hits.

NOTHING went right and that’s how I like my losses.

TOTAL blow outs. And with Wakefield going 4 innings (throwing to Varitek no less!)

By the way, THIS should be Wakes’ role for the rest of the season. Come in when the Sox are behind.

Best case scenario is the Red Sox come back and he gets his 200th win.

Worst case scenario is the bullpen gets the night off.

Give me a 10-0 loss to striking out with the bases loaded against Rivera any day!

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The road trip has been OK so far

I guess the Sox have been passing the test of this tough road trip so far.

More homers… more runs piled on…
They outscored the Blue Jays 35-6 in three games.

They’ve scored 60 runs in the first 6 games of the road trip.
That’s right… they went up against the Yankees and Blue Jays and AVERAGED 10 runs a game.

I think the bats are back.

I guess Jon Lester is doing OK… 9 wins, a decent 3.73 ERA… 8 innings 1 run, 2 hits, 8 strikeouts, 1 walk.

So 6 games into the 9 game road trip and 6 wins.
WORST CASE SCENARIO has them going 6-3, which we would have all taken.

Off to Tampa.
Win the series there and come on home!

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