No teeth were ground tonight

So the month of May ends with a second straight blow out loss. So what? The Sox went 19-10 in May. Not shabby.

A month and a half ago, the Red Sox were 8 games under .500!

They were 5 games back 17 days ago.

And now going into June, the Red Sox are 1 game out of first place with the offense starting to come around.

April ended with the Red Sox in the cellar. Now we are frustrated that our stay in first place lasted only a day.

Dust off the unis.
The Sox have won nearly 2 out of every 3 games since falling to 2-10.

Bring on June. The Yankees can’t survive the year on Colon, Garcia, Burnett and Nova pitching 80% of their games.

Hand the ball to Wakes tomorrow and let’s go!

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I TOLD the Red Sox to get Dayan Viciedo!!!!

I was watching the Tigers/White Sox blow out on MLB Network while helping my son out with his homework. (Don’t look at me like THAT! We did it all!)

By the end of the game Ozzie was basically looking down the bench and yelling “Who hasn’t played yet?” and made the box score cluttered with September call ups like a split squad Spring Training Game.
I looked up and saw a house of a dude at the plate that I had never seen before. #24. Big huge right handed batter. He just LOOKED like a ballplayer.
They flashed who it was.
It was Cuban sensation Dayan Viciedo… who showed off his right handed power with both Birmingham and Charlotte in the White Sox farm system.
The guy who at age 21 gives the White Sox a potential right handed stud in the infield (along with Alexi Ramirez and Gordon Beckham could be putting together an awesome infield on the South Side.)
The guy who already has 3 big league homers.
The guy who, sight unseen, I BEGGED the Red Sox to sign him because potential right handed power hitting studs don’t grow on trees!
I saw him walk.
And I can already tell… the Red Sox should have listened to me!

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Tony LaRussa should be trying to Restore the Cardinals to the Pennant race

Call me nuts, but maybe the time Tony LaRussa spent coming up with a speech for Glenn Beck’s dopey little promotional stunt could have been used in a more productive manner:

Like how about a game plan against the Nationals.

You know when you are the prohibitive favorite to win the division with the best 1-2 punch in the rotation in all the National League and a guy who seems hell bent to win his third straight MVP and you are LOSING ground to the Reds and Phillies… maybe promoting a Fox News talk show shouldn’t be priority one.

Oh yeah, the Nats won 14-5… the Cardinals pitchers are letting up an average of 9 runs a game to the Nationals.

Maybe they should have Glenn Beck write THAT on his chalk board.

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