Brawls don’t impress me

I know I am supposed to get all Quest For Fire excited when I see a bench clearing brawl in baseball.

I know it is supposed to show that the players really care and are passionate and will make it clear that losing is not an option and respect should be shown.

But I don’t that. Brawls and bean balls don’t impress me at all.

If you want to show me that you don’t like a player hitting a homer off of you, then strike them out the next time.

You want to show me that you care and hate losing? Then win!

I remember when Mets fans got all over Shawn Estes that he didn’t hit Roger Clemens when they faced off. It was supposed to be revenge for hitting and chucking a bat at Mike Piazza. “He should have hit him. Send a message” etc.

Do you know what he did instead? He hit a home run off of Clemens.
Now what is a bigger humiliation for the Rocket?
Being hit by a pitch or letting up a tater to the opposing pitcher?

If he hit him, then Clemens would be on base with the top of the order coming up. Congrats. You’ve shown what a macho man you are… now you are facing a potential rally.

I always thought the A-Rod – Varitek fight was overrated. Sox fans pointed to that game as a turning point in the season, and it was. NOT because Varitek punched A-Rod while he was wearing his catchers mask. It was a turning point because Bill Mueller homered off of Mariano Rivera to win the game.

Putting their men on base and having players up for suspension isn’t impressive to me. It feels desperate. Like you are ACTUALLY saying “I can’t beat you, but I can be petty and try and hurt you.”

Did the Giants show any fight last night because they brawled?
Hell no. They got their butts kicked and need to win today to hopefully salvage a split in the serious.

Want to impress me?
Win the next to two games.

The whole hitting stuff? Forget it. Tip your cap to the opposition when they do well and get their butt out the next time you face off.

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I can’t help but feel partially responsible for the brawl tonight

I thought it was fun that Brandon Phillips wants to get the Cardinals’ goat.
Why not put a little electricity into a potential rivalry. I mean have the Cardinals and Reds, two of the oldest franchises in baseball, EVER been considered rivals?
Why not start now?
What I DIDN’T expect is to see an all out brawl in the first inning.
But I guess that’s what a rivalry is like. It’s bad blood. It’s “I want to beat you because I don’t like you.”
I tell you something I found very interesting… not that Brandon Phillips got under the Cardinals skin or that LaRussa and Dusty Baker were at each other (there is no love lost between them.)
It was Scott Rolen going after Chris Carpenter.

Carpenter said something to Dusty that got an f— you from Baker.

And then Rolen, who earlier was trying to be a peacemaker, went right after his former teammate and fellow 2006 World Series winner.
So Rolen, the former Cardinal and current Red, is smack dab in the middle of this rivalry. And to quote Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi… There is no conflict!
They play tomorrow, 9:30 AM Pacific time, and three more times in September.
This could be good folks.

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Red Sox show some fight!

I called my dad last night during the Giants – Dodgers game last night and my dad couldn’t resist giving my Red Sox a little dig.

“You root for thugs! Hooligans! The Giants are role models!”
He might be right. But I can tell you one thing… this is NOT a repeat of 2006.
The Red Sox got smacked around in a 5 game sweep by the Yankees in ’06 and suddenly the team went limp. Either everyone got hurt or they quit.
This team got swept by the Yankees and are coming out swinging, in EVERY way!
The team is showing some fire, some guts and can even survive and ejection or two.
Youk gets tossed?
Fine, Lowell will come off the bench and hit a pair of bombs.
Seeing Lowell and Bay hit homers was more than heartening.
And the kid┬áJunichi Tazawa let up 3 runs but guess what? It wasn’t a do or die inning like the bottom of the 15th in New York!
Just keep winning games, Red Sox.
The Magic Number to make the playoffs is 50.

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