The Douchebaggery of Frank McCourt is staggering

It takes a special kind of a–hole to make the headline “Frank McCourt Looted The Dodgers” the SECOND most damning story of the day.
I understand that the Bryan Stowe case is sensitive and he needs an attorney to defend him and the Dodgers and he is already the bad guy in many people’s eyes.
But does he REALLY not have the PR savvy to know that sending a lawyer out to put blame on STOWE for his own beating is kind of sort of STAGGERINGLY AWFUL?
I guess it was the last stone unturned.
He made a mockery of the franchise, bankrupted one of the great teams in baseball history, took a major market club and turned them into the A’s…
And along the way the team handled the Stowe beating about as badly as possible.
I guess he thought “Oh what do we have to lose? Blame the victim!”
Some slippery lawyer came on 710 ESPN in Los Angeles to speak with Mason and Ireland and proceeded to talk about Stowe’s blood alcohol (because being drunk is grounds for being beaten into a coma). And at the same time kept saying “I don’t know if that’s true, but I heard it.”
Ah classy. Blame the victim with something LESS than facts.
And he claimed that security was already outstanding (then why did they bring in tons of police officers AFTER the beating.) And the idea that extra lights in the parking lots would have helped security was laughable. (Then why did they set up more lights.)
When you consider that Stowe was wearing a Giants jersey, I am stunned that he DIDN’T say “Look at what he was wearing!”
McCourt and his lawyer did all but bring John Steigerwald in as a character witness.
What the hell are they thinking?
Did McCourt think “Hey, there’s someone out there who still likes me… why don’t I piss them off too”?
Even if his lawyer thought they needed to have a strategy for the case, why make this public?
The lawyer on Mason and Ireland poo pooed any PR hit the Dodgers might get for blaming Stowe for his own beating.
“I’m not a PR man. I’m a lawyer.”
Then why the hell are you going to the airwaves? Why are you basically doing public relations for the Dodgers?
Short of McCourt beating up Bryan Stowe’s son with his bare hands, I can’t imagine any other way he could make his public image worse.

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