An acquisition that would help the Giants

Kevin Frandsen popped up a bunt in a key situation during yesterday’s Giants loss to the Padres.

The .125 hitter needed to lay down a bunt to put the tying run in scoring position with 1 out.
Nope. A pop up and soon the inning was over. And next thing you know the Giants lost a series at home to the lowly Padres.
During the 12 inning finale of the Brewers series, the Giants failed to execute a bunt in a critical time and that game ended with a choreographed home run ceremony by Prince Fielder.
So instead of talking about the Giants winning 6 of 8 games and being 2 games back in the loss column of a playoff spot going into a brutal 9 game swing against the Dodgers and Rockies… the Giants find themselves 4 1/2 out with 22 to play and only a game ahead of the Marlins.
And that difference is there because they can’t lay down a bunt!
It might be late to acquire a player, but the Giants can pick something up that might help them win a few of these low scoring games (which seems to be ALL of them.)
Pick up a Tom Emanski DVD.
You know, the ones that teach basic baseball drills.
The ones that Fred McGriff says get results.
According to, you can get used Tom Emanski DVDs for $6.30.
That’s about the cost of one order of garlic fries!
Come on Giants… a trip to the playoffs might be on the line here.

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